NPC recruitment portal 2023 check status / NPC Enumerators and Supervisors Application Approval National Population Commission

NPC recruitment portal 2023 check status / NPC Enumerators and Supervisors Application Approval National population commission

NPC recruitment portal
NPC recruitment portal

NPC recruitment portal: Since it aims to train the Enumerators and Supervisors, the National Population Commission has started to mop up approval of Enumerator and Supervisor Adhoc Staff Applications. National Population Commission.

NPC recruitment portal: Before the final Shortlisting of successful Applicants, the Acceptance of Application is a pre-selection of Candidates who will take part in E-Learning, Virtual ClassRoom Training, and LGA Level Training. Recommended: npc-status-check-portal-best-method-npc-application-approval-enumerators-and-supervisors-2023

According to reports, applicants for NPC Adhoc Staff who did not attend the screening nonetheless had their applications approved, proving that attendance at the screening is not the only need for “Approval.”

While some States have finished shortlisting (approving) the enumerators and supervisors who will be trained for the 2023 Population and Housing Census Exercise, some States have not.

NPC recruitment portal
NPC recruitment portal

Check your NPC Adhoc Staff Application Status using the new procedure below if you are an NPC Enumerator or Supervisor Applicant, regardless of whether you attended Screening or not. You can check 👇

  • Download and set up Phoenix Browser
  • Launch the Phoenix Web Browser
  • Copy and paste the website address for the NPC Adhoc Staff Applicants Status Checker. Website into the Browser. Paste the URL or website address in the space provided.
  • “The name on the Certificate differs from the name on the Website. Continue?” Simply click “Ok.”
  • Click “Check Application Status” when the NPC Adhoc Staff Applicants Status Checker website opens.
  • Type in your Application Code or NIN.
  • Please refer to the NPC Adhoc Staff Screening Frequently Asked Questions if your status is PENDING.
  • Congratulations! Your application was approved, and you have been chosen to take part in the 2023 National Population and Housing Census Program.
NPC recruitment portal
NPC recruitment portal

On our next article about NPC we will bring you another simple method to open NPC Application Status using any browser.

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