2023 census: People of this state may not be counted NPC director

2023 census: People of this state may not be counted NPC director

2023 census
2023 census

2023 census: According to Kachalla Yerima, director of the National Population Commission’s Borno State office, there may need to be an approximation made to the population of areas that were inaccessible during the exercise due to insecurity.

In order to be counted, Borno State refugees in the neighboring nations may need to be shipped home during the exercise period. They won’t be located and counted in their refugee nations.

He revealed this to media in the state at a one-day course on developing their skills in preparation for the population and housing census in 2023.

Yerima stated, in response to a question, “If an area is a high-risk area during the exercise, we cannot risk the life of any of our functionaries to venture there for the enumeration.” This was in response to the fate of Boko Haram/ISWAP terrorists and their captives in Sambisa Forest and other enclaves throughout the state.

2023 census
2023 census

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He stated that the population of inaccessible areas across the state, particularly in the Abadam Local Government Area and some areas of the Gwoza Local Government Area, will only be approximated using the hybrid enumeration areas unless the security situation in the areas improves to the point of guaranteeing safety for the enumerators.

Despite the lack of security in certain locations, the director added, “we still have satellite photographs of the delimited enumeration areas of those areas, which we will utilize to approximating the number of residents of each residence caught in the satellite images.”

“It is regrettable that we can only count Borno State refugees in the neighboring countries if we really see them in their various home villages in Nigeria during the exercise,” Yerima said.

They won’t be counted outside of Nigerian borders, he said, therefore “we have talked to their local government chairmen to propose taking them back home to be tallied.”

Barr. Isa Audu Buratai, the Federal Commissioner for Borno State for the Commission, had earlier voiced optimism that the task may be completed in five days thanks to the process’s digitization.

2023 census
2023 census

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