NPC Status Pending Application 2023 Check 5 Reasons

NPC Status Pending Application 2023 Here are the 5 Reasons

NPC Status Pending Application
NPC Status Pending Application

NPC Status Pending Application If you’ve been wondering why, in the same LGA, some people’s applications have been approved while yours is still displaying as NPC Status Pending Application in the NPC portal, here are a few possible explanations:

The gateway has been under pressure for the past two weeks, as you are all aware. Your application may have been accepted, but the backlog is preventing it from appearing in the site. Before declaring that you were not selected for the shortlist, you should give it some time.


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NPC Status Pending Application
NPC Status Pending Application

It denotes either that we haven’t had time to review applications for your class or that the class is already full, but we don’t want to turn you away in case a spot opens up soon.

To choose the best candidate was the main goal of the screening. Even though you passed the screening, that doesn’t mean you’ll be given a training spot. Therefore, if your status is listed as pending, it’s possible that you weren’t chosen.

Another reason can be that more applications were received than was required. You’ll see that not everyone received SMS messages for screening. It was a method of dividing the candidate pool in half. Still vetting and uploading names are some states.

These are the causes for the pending work you see on your census, which we hope you will review.

NPC Status Pending Application
NPC Status Pending Application

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  1. I hope in due course, my application status will change to approve, because I have my screening and still waiting to be approved.

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