Census Adhoc Staff new salary and allowances for 2023 / 2 in one

Census Adhoc Staff new salary And allowances for 2023 2 in one-

Census Adhoc Staff
Census Adhoc Staff

Allowances And The Primary Wage Make Up The Two Kinds Of Compensation-

Census Adhoc Staff: NPC for its ad hoc staff members who will assist with the conduct of the 2023 Population and Housing Census, the National Population Commission (NPC) has established the salary and allowances structure.

Census Adhoc Staff: The NPC ad hoc personnel would earn three different sorts of allowances under the category of benefits, according to the director of the census department, Mrs. Evelyn Arinola Olanipekun: (a) Specialized Workforce (SWF): N2,000 per day, multiplied by 13 days (three days of SWF and 10 days of state training).

States that didn’t observe the initial three days, however, are exempt. N26,000 in total. (a) State Facilitators: N2,000 per individual, per day, multiplied by ten days. Overall N 20,000.

Census Adhoc Staff
Census Adhoc Staff

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Each person will receive N20,000 toward transportation costs. Training stipend: (a) Trainer: 13 SWF and 10 N15,000 per day (state facilitator) (b) Trainee: 10 (SWF) and 13 (N10,000 per day) (state facilitator).

Payment will be made twice for all categories, according to the commission, as follows: Feeding and transportation: N46,000 (SWF), N40,000 (state facilitators). Trainers (SWF) are paid N195,000; trainees (trainees) are paid N130,000; state trainers (facilitators) are paid N150,000.

Census Adhoc Staff
Census Adhoc Staff

It further stated that the aforementioned allowances would also be given to other groups, such as enumerators and supervisors, but with fewer training days and a smaller payment.

The overall compensation for specialized workers, facilitators, enumerators, supervisors, and other census workers typically ranges from N50,000 to N100,000.

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