2023 census recruitment 20 Questions have been answered About NPC Recruitment

2023 census recruitment 20 Questions have been answered About NPC Recruitment.

2023 census recruitment
2023 census recruitment

2023 census recruitment, We have brought you these answers so that they will guide you, and in the future we will bring you answers to almost 50 questions that NPC Applicants want to know, you only need to keep following this website arewafact.com.ng

1) How to proceed if NIN verification is unavailable.
ANSWER: Wait until it is available.

2) If you forget your access code, how do you continue your application?
ANSWER: To continue, use NIN. To continue the application, one needs to have either an Application ID or NIN.

3) If you accidentally applied as NPC staff rather than ad-hoc staff, is it still possible to change?
ANSWER: No way at all, you can not change it! The mistake cannot be corrected.

4) How can I check my application status?
ANSWER: Click on “Check Application Status”. Keep in mind, too, that you can only view your application status once the application window has been closed.

5) What you will do if you can not login with your ID?
ANSWER: You will only check if your ID is correct then try again. (2023 census recruitment)

6) If you uploaded your picture instead of a certificate. What to do?
ANSWER: A document cannot be attached to an application after it has been submitted.

7) What to do if your application was complete but you were unable to submit it.
ANSWER: Then you have to refresh your browser.

8) How to solve ” your connection is not private”
ANSWER: Use Phonix browser it will not show this sign, for more details check here. How to solve ” your connection is not private”

9) What would happen if you failed to take a picture of your application’s results before submitting it?
ANSWER: Once an application has been submitted, it is no longer possible to attach any document? (2023 census recruitment).

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2023 census recruitment
2023 census recruitment

10) What to do if you’re having trouble taking photos.
ANSWER: Permit your browser to use your phone camera.

11) Is there a provision for bank details?
ANSWER: The only people who can enter their bank information are approved applicants.

12) What to do if you submitted your application but never got a confirmation SMS or email?
ANSWER: Network service provider delay.

13) What Is the minimum age to apply?
ANSWER: 18yrs

14) What is the maximum age to apply?
ANSWER: 60yrs

15) What is the minimum education qualification to apply?

17) Is NPC registration still on?
ANSWER: NPC portal is currently open, If you are interested visit www.nationalpopulation.gov.ng and start filling your application immediately.(2023 census recruitment)

18) How do I register for 2023 census?
ANSWER: kindly Visit https://2023censusadhocrecruitment.nationalpopulation.gov.ng/ to verify your screening information. Ad hoc workers will be hired for the 2023 national population and housing census using the National Population Commission’s officially active e-recruitment portal.

19) How to Apply for the NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment 2023/2024 Application
ANSWER: Fill the NPC 2023 E-Recruitment Application Form make sure you have this requirement information, Full Name, Phone Number, Address, NIN, etc. Once you’ve completed the form, click submit.

20) What is the meaning of Application Status Pending?
ANSWER: It denotes either that we haven’t had time to review applications for your class or that the class is already full, but we don’t want to turn you away in case a spot opens up soon.(2023 census recruitment)

2023 census recruitment
2023 census recruitment

Please get in touch with the NPC hotline, email address, and social media outlets listed below for more information on NPC e-recruitment.

Facebook: National Population Commission
Instagram: npc_nigeria
Twitter: natpopcom
YouTube: NPC Nigeria
Phone: 0700 023 6787
Email: info@nationalpopulation.gov.ng

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