NPC Census 2023 Update: No Crisis enumerators cannot move outside the region assigned to them

NPC Census 2023 Update: No Crisis enumerators cannot move outside the region assigned to them  Housing Census 2023

NPC Census 2023 Update
NPC Census 2023 Update

NPC Census 2023 Update: Nigerians have been promised a trouble-free population count by the National Population Commission (NPC), who noted that they will be using technology to accomplish this.

This was said in advance of the first digital National Population and Housing Census of 2023, which is slated to take place from March 29 to April 1 of that year.

The PDA is crucial to the success of the 2023 Population and Housing Census, he pointed out, adding that it is symbolic for it to be accepted.

He continued by saying that the primary medium for the Digital Census is an electronic device. This device contains the Census questionnaire as well as maps that will be used to guide enumerators to the areas where they will conduct the Census.

He said that “the devices when furnished with the forms, maps and other digital upgrades ensures that enumerators cannot move outside the region assigned to them, hence there will be no overcount or undercount.”

In order to ensure that every Nigerian is counted, he emphasized that the geospatial resources that NPC has acquired will be placed on the device.

He claims that the commission’s solid geospatial data, together with the results of a digital census, will help with planning across the board for national growth.

NPC Census 2023 Update
NPC Census 2023 Update

He emphasized that the transfer of authority demonstrates that the commission is prepared to undertake the 2023 Population and Housing Census, commencing with the nationwide deployment of PDAs for ongoing training.

The commission looks forward to strengthening the cooperation by providing necessary technical support for the deployment of the PDAs, he said, commending Zinox Technologies Limited for handling the contract execution quickly and professionally.

The federal commissioner, NPC for Lagos State, Mrs. Abimbola Salu-Hundeyin, also spoke on the sidelines of the occasion and stated that the demographic information obtained through the digital census system will aid in the development of the nation.

She noted that this will be the first digital census conducted in Nigeria and that the decision to primarily rely on technology was made because the entire globe has gone digital.

Leostan Ekeh, the head of the Zinox Group, claimed that the digital system was created to record high-quality data with integrity.

He claimed that the project has been carried out in other African nations and has produced reliable census data numbers, adding that the Federal Government is fortunate to be considering the company for the project.

NPC Census 2023 Update
NPC Census 2023 Update

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