Download Nigeria Immigration Past Questions PDF And Answer for 2023/2024 Recruitment

Download Nigeria Immigration Past Questions PDF And Answer for 2023/2024 Recruitment-

Immigration Past Questions PDF
Immigration Past Questions PDF

Immigration Past Questions PDF: Download Nigeria Immigration Past Questions PDF And Answer for 2023/2024 Recruitment. This manual explains how to acquire NIS, Immigration aptitude exam previous questions and solutions.

The majority of the old questions posted online might not actually be the ones that the Nigeria Immigration Service asked in the past.

Using insights on previous questions, this article will give you advice on how to ace the NIS aptitude test, you can download the past questions and answers PDF format at the end of this article.

The details listed below are what I learned from applicants who had previously taken the NIS exam.

Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment Success Tips

The questions will be based on the general paper, English language, and NIS past questions. There would be a total of 100 questions, distributed as follows: 25 questions in mathematics, 25 in English, and 50 in the general paper. All inquiries must receive a response within one hour.

English Language

The majority of English language questions were related to consonant sound, vowel sound, closest similarity, opposite similarity, synonyms, adjectives, and verbs.

General Paper

The majority of the questions in this section deal with current events. Among the queries that surfaced last year are:

Which nation was originally called the Gold Coast?

Which of these places isn’t in southern Africa? (a) None of the above (a) South Africa (b) Gambia (c) Cape Verde (d)

Know each state’s governors, CBN governor

Immigration Past Questions PDF
Immigration Past Questions PDF


Most math problems involved probability, permutation and combination, partial and impartial fractions, logarithm, mean, median, mode, and range.

Some of the most important questions and responses from previous Nigeria Immigration Service exams are covered in the previous questions and answers.

Before you are called for the immigration aptitude test, it is crucial that you begin practicing. Individuals who were hired by the Nigeria Immigration Service are those who prepared early enough and gave it their all to pass the demanding exams and screenings they had to go through. That takes effort; it is not achieved by wishful thinking.

Strategies and a plan for winning the competition. Since you have so many brilliant people to compete with, I must be honest with you and say that the competition is fierce.

You should keep in mind that you will be competing with the brightest minds, so plan your preparation wisely.

You can start preparing right now by looking over previous questions on Nigerian immigration to get a feel for how questions are structured.

After the NIS aptitude test is the preparation for final screening. The aptitude test is not a guarantee of employment. If you want to have a higher chance of getting the job of your dreams, you must be well-prepared for the interview.

Practice questions for the Nigeria Immigration Service aren’t exactly the most interesting thing to do.

That actually does, though, make a difference. Academic research repeatedly demonstrates that job applicants who train receive more job offers.

Your chances of being recruited greatly increase as you get considerably better via practice. You must also be conversant with the fundamental principles of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) to which you are applying; you may do this by browsing the NIS website.

During the Nigeria Immigration Service aptitude test, you must be able to direct your responses toward the demands of the job for which you are applying. Be wise!

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Immigration Past Questions PDF
Immigration Past Questions PDF


click to download Immigration past questions and answers PDF

Immigration Past Questions PDF

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