NPC Salary Structure 2023 With Revealing the Secret about the NPC official

NPC Salary Structure 2023 With Revealing the Secret about the NPC official-

NPC Salary Structure
NPC Salary Structure

NPC Salary Structure 2023: Candidates and potential ad-hoc staff employees of the National Population Commission (NPC) have been anxiously awaiting word on the specifics of their salary packages as the 2023 Population and Housing Census Exercise approaches.

Although the hiring process has been going on for a while, little is known about the actual salaries of NPC Adhoc Workers.

The specifics of their remuneration packages have piqued the interest of many applicants, but everyone has one main question on their minds: “What is the NPC Adhoc Employee Salary like?” That is, up until now.

In order to ensure the smooth and effective completion of the 2023 Census Exercise, more than two million ad hoc staff employees must participate in it.

The Specialized Workforce and Facilitators, who have been through e-learning and will soon be undergoing contact training, have already been shortlisted by the NPC.

NPC Salary Structure
NPC Salary Structure

How much is NPC paying adhoc staff?

The full information about the NPC Adhoc Staff Salaries for each role: Enumerators: N100,000 – N220,000. Supervisors: N130,000 – N230,000. Monitoring & Evaluation Officers: N150,000 – N300,000.

What kind of pay packages may these ad-hoc employees anticipate? The specific NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for each function are listed below:

NPC Enumerators: N100,000 – N220,000

NPC Supervisors: N130,000 – N230,000

Assurance Assistants/Rovers: N130,000 – N280,000

Evaluation and Monitoring Officers: N150,000 – N300,000

NPC Facilitators: N150,000 – N300,000

NPC Salary Structure
NPC Salary Structure

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It’s vital to keep in mind that these compensation packages are merely provisional and apply only to the Census Exercise in 2023. The NPC reserves the right to alter these salaries at any time without prior notification.

Finally made public, the NPC Adhoc Staff Salary for the 2023 Population and Housing Census Exercise now give candidates and ad hoc staff members clarity and peace of mind. The 2023 Census Exercise is set for success, with the hiring process well under way and the wage packages finally becoming transparent.

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