Census 2023 Population : will bring a better Nigeria. full details by NPC commissioner

Census 2023 Population full details: will bring a better Nigeria. NPC commissioner-

2023 Population
2023 Population

2023 Population: Abimbola Salu-Hundeyin, Federal Commissioner of the National Population Commission (NPC), has declared that the population and housing census of 2023, slated to take place between March 29 and April 2, will herald in a new Nigeria.

Salu-Hundeyin said the 2023 census will be noticeably different from previous ones in terms of the usage of technology yesterday during a one-day interactive roundtable workshop with media professionals on successful reporting of the census in Lagos.

“The NPC is aggressively embracing contemporary technologies to drive this population and housing census in 2023,” she stated. The most recent satellite imagery with a resolution of up to 0.5 meters will be used to define enumeration areas (EAs).

Moreover, handheld devices with the EADPAD operating system will be used. This made it impossible for a demarcator to purposefully import or omit a house or other building from the images.

“The location, size, shape, tone/color, pattern, and site/association of these structures were also highlighted as the fundamental aspects that allow the identification of features. In this manner, the entire country’s landmass has been completely covered and divided into enumeration zones.

“Second, technology has been a driving force in the development of the census instruments. The questionnaires and other forms have been converted to digital format and are available on portable devices. In order to create a powerful Census Pad that is exclusive to the nation, the data processing program Census and Survey Processing (CSPro) has been improved and integrated with the EADPAD.

2023 census
2023 Population

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The program is capable enough to take into account both the features of the housing unit and the households, therefore paper entry has been eliminated through this method. The entire procedure has undergone testing and has passed all quality controls.

Other innovations in the 2023 census include online data quality monitoring and evaluation, enumeration tracking via the dashboard, hybrid technologies to reach difficult-to-count areas or populations, and hybrid learning processes that involved self-learning, virtual learning, and in-person training exercises. (2023 Population)

2023 Population
2023 Population

She exhorted Nigerians to actively engage in the activity, comparing it to the oxygen that will enable Nigeria breathe.

According to her, the exercise will help the administration make effective plans for the populace.

“People will perish if there is no oxygen present. The census provides the nation with the air it needs to survive. It is a comprehensive initiative that examines every area of society, including age and gender, and gives information that will help the government make effective plans for the populace.

The census is open to persons of all ages, including newborns, infants, and children, unlike other national events like the elections where participation has age restrictions. Everyone will be counted during the census, including people with mental disabilities. Age and gender are the two most crucial demographics recorded in the census. 

She stated the following regarding the significance of the census: “First, census data is used for planning and implementing social and economic development. Moreover, administrative activities are included. Second, census data is accurate down to the level of the lowest social unit, such as localities, supervisory wards, towns, and cities.

or, at the very least, enumeration regions that are defined (EAs). “Census data is trustworthy for drawing electoral and administrative unit boundaries. Therefore, the only reliable way to determine whether an electoral ward or constituency is growing or shrinking is through a population census. 

“Census data also includes extensive information regarding housing stock and the quality of housing provided to different societal sectors, such as rural/urban, residential/non-residential, economic/administrative, and so on.”

According to her, the census will provide Nigeria a clearer picture of herself and assist the government plan for the populace in an effective way.

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