NPC Update Today – Announcement from NPC chairman | the commission’s enumerator recruitment process is still ongoing 2023

Announcement from NPC chairman | the commission’s enumerator recruitment process is still ongoing 2023 NPC Update Today

Announcement from NPC chairman | we have not finished the recruitment process for enumerators 2023

Don’t travel to state of origin for census – NPC chairman

NPC Update Today-Before the upcoming population and housing census, the National Population Commission claimed that precautions had been taken to prevent any kind of fraud.

The commission emphasized that residents who reside outside of their home states are still eligible to participate in the exercise without having to return there.

It said that people would be counted at their residences.

This was said by the commission’s spokesperson, Isiaka Yahaya, in a Monday interview with a news reporter.

“People should remain where they are to be counted,” he stated. They are forbidden from returning to their home states. It completely goes against the point of the census.

You must be counted where you live since you benefit from the social services there, including health and education.

“Aside from that, you won’t permit the planners to have proper data when it’s time to equip people with infrastructure and other things.” Nobody is supposed to move.

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On steps to prevent fraud, the NPC spokesman added: “This is a de facto census.” Not yet-born people, but individuals who are alive today, are the subjects of our practical inquiries.

Our enumerator is not skilled enough to count unborn people. We have a system in place to prevent all the fraud that we have foreseen.

“Furthermore, persons can only be tallied inside of their homes. This is done to prevent individuals from relocating after being counted. There is just one place we can count on—you. Nothing needs to be exaggerated.

We are not looking for the owner of the house, so why would anyone lie when the enumerators would see everything you claim to have when we arrive at your home?”

Yahaya claimed that the commission’s enumerator recruitment process is still ongoing.

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