The first thing you should know in this article is that the President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has not set a date for the start of training for the NPC, let alone the start of the housing census. We have given you this answer because people always ask if the National Population Commision (NPC) new training date has been released

NPC Shortlist Training: If your name is not on the shortlist, you are not among the people who will benefit from the census program which will be held soon.

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If your name comes out when the authority releases the names of some local authorities to receive training, then later the date of the training has been postponed for which the authority has not yet officially released the date, according to the information we are getting is between July and August training and population census, names have been released until your name, so don’t worry, your name will not be removed as long as your application is intact.

We continue to inform people that everyone should calm down, God willing, the census commission will prepare to conduct the census and soon it will be done.

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And if you are in one of the states that can do the birth registration work that NPC, Unicef ​​, and NYSC have come together to do, then apply for the job if you have time.

And will keep investigating to find confirmation if this training and housing census will take place between July and August.

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