NPC News: Important Announcement On How The 2023 Census Will Be

NPC News: Important Announcement On How The 2023 Census Will Be

NPC News: The National Population Commission (NPC) has stated that it is prepared to carry out an accurate population and housing census that would be welcomed by all Nigerians.

The commission further pledged to zealously guard all preparation efforts and tools amassed before the exercise’s delay.

During a discussion on the postponement of the 2023 population and housing census with media executives and stakeholders, Hon. Ayodeji Ajayi, federal commissioner of the commission in the state of Ekiti, provided the assurance.

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He added that individuals of Igbo and Hausa ancestry were a part of the ad-hoc team to solve linguistic challenges and that the current administration would need the results of the 2023 census to prepare for the future of the nation.

Ayodeji recalled that “the immediate past President Muhammadu Buhari, in exercising the authority granted to him by Section 23 of the NPC Act 1989, approved the postponement of the 2023 census from the scheduled date of 3rd to 7th May 2023 but commended the commission for the appreciable progress recorded and urged that preparations for the census should continue.”

To provide the next administration with the chance to provide feedback on the census process, the commissioner stated that the commission appreciated the federal government’s decision.

The delay will provide the commission the chance to further refine its systems and processes to ensure the successful completion of the first-ever digital census.

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Ajayi stated that the commission has completed all of the preparations for the census and that they are aware of the substantial human and material resources previously used in carrying out the preliminary tasks.

“The most crucial duty facing the commission at this time, awaiting presidential proclamation, is to maintain and emphasize the relevance of these efforts to the success of the census. In doing so, the country will avoid having to restart its census preparations, saving money in the process.

In this regard, it is being determined what needs to be done to prevent the preparations for the census from becoming obsolete by reviewing the system and method set in place for it.

The 2023 census, he continued, will not be difficult to plan for and carry out because they are not only concerned with meeting an immediate need but also with setting the groundwork for future censuses.

“For instance, the Enumeration Area Demarcation (EAD) is carried out in such a way that every future census will just require an update.

“We are using equipment that will provide us with outcomes and effectiveness that are nearly ideal.

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