NPC 2023 We will use technology: training is required for you

NPC 2023 We will use technology training is required for you

We will use technology to ensure a seamless and accurate census – NPC 2023

NPC 2023
NPC 2023

The National Population Commission has stated that it is prepared to use technology to make the 2023 census efficient and precise.

In order to prevent problems during the exercise, it stated that it would adequately train its staff on the use of the Personal Device Assistant devices. It added that the devices were being set up for the exercise.

Nigeria last conducted a census in 2006, and the following attempt was abandoned in 2016.

According to Sunday PUNCH, this will be the first census in the history of the nation to be performed using technology, and it will take place between March 29 and April 2, 2023.

NPC 2023: Isiaka Yahaya, the commission’s spokesperson, told our correspondent in an interview on Friday that the NPC was fully prepared for the exercise despite concerns from some quarters regarding the safe deployment of technology, particularly given that this would be the first time such technology would be used for the exercise in the country.

He said, “We are making great progress as the National Population Commission prepares to use technology to perform the 2023 census.

NPC 2023
NPC 2023

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The introduction of Personal Digital Assistant devices is the census’s primary technology component. In place of the paper we previously used, this technology will be utilized to compile data.

“With regard to this, we have a sizable number of the PDAs we need for the census, and those PDA devices are currently being configured. Also, we are attempting to determine how other sister organizations use PDAs and how they may assist us by temporarily lending us some of their PDAs.

Also, we are attempting to persuade some of the African nations who have already done digital censuses to make temporary use of their equipment.

I will say in general that we are ready to use technology and that we are convinced that the technology we will use will not only allow the smooth conduct of the census but will also provide us with accurate and reliable data.

2023 Census
2023 Census

Given the complexity of the equipment, he said, continuing training was required for individuals who would operate the machinery.

“What we discovered is that we need to retrain our workers and make sure they get the hands-on experience necessary to enable them to master the use of the technology,” he continued. To avoid the difficulties you mentioned, we are spending roughly 12 days educating our enumerators.

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