YIB Program: 3MTT is sending a message about the program you can get a laptop and a table

3MTT is sending a message about the program you can get a laptop and a table that is the YIB Programme/digital programme

The 3MTT program is sending an email message to some Nigerians to try to apply to the Young Innovative Builders Initiative, especially the high school students, the YIB Programme that distributes laptops and tablets.

Apply for the Young Innovative Builders Initiative!

Exciting news!  The Federal Ministry of Communications in collaboration with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has launched the Young Innovative Builders Initiative.

The YIB program allows students to show their creativity and be recognized for their creativity.

Why applying

  • Show off your new skills.
  • Get recognition for your skills.
  • Get a chance to win a laptop or tablet.

Application Deadline Is 6th December, 2023

Now here is the detailed information on how to apply

Requesting creative solutions to be developed by recently graduated industrial training students in Nigeria

Students from tertiary institutions across the nation who have completed an industrial training program will be recognized through the Young Innovative Builders program. This project acknowledges the critical role that industrial training programs play in giving students real-world experience in applying their knowledge.

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  • 40 Tablets.
  • 48 Laptops.
  • 36 States & FCT

YIB program: Innovative projects created by young Nigerians that support the Ministry’s goals of expanding the digital economy will be highlighted and awarded through the YIB program. In each state and the Federal Capital Territory, the top 48 projects will be awarded laptops, and the next 40 will be awarded tablets.

Eligibility Requirements

You have to be a first-year student at a Nigerian postsecondary institution.

An innovative or tech-enabled project or product that makes use of digital technology should be something you have designed, developed, built, or implemented.

Three months after the competition’s conclusion date (December 22, 2023) you must still be enrolled in school.

Candidates need to have completed an industrial training course.

The initiative ought to tackle practical issues in society.

The procedure for Yib PApplicationsember 22, 2023 is when applications open.

The deadline to apply is December 6, 2023.

Applications must be submitted via this website’s specific application form.

A diverse selection committee, comprising representatives from academia, industry, the Ministry, and other stakeholders, will assess applications and assign grades based on a standardized system.

On or before December 22, 2023, the final list of accepted applications will be made public through authorized channels.

Selection Standards

The varied selection committee will review the applications. The following will be among the selection criteria:

Novelty and Originality: The project’s degree of innovation and uniqueness in comparison to current alternatives

Relevance and Impact: Does the project deal with actual issues facing the nation or local communities?

Scalability and feasibility: How feasible is the idea and can it be implemented on a large scale?

Presentation and documentation quality: How well-written is the presentation that details the solution-creation process and the finished product’s aesthetics?

A special chance to present your creative ideas

Here is the link to apply https://yib.fmcide.gov.ng

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Can I apply if I’m a first-year student who hasn’t signed up for an industrial training program?

Regretfully, no. Students from any postsecondary school in Nigeria who are enrolled in or have finished an industrial training program are the target audience for this program.

Can a chosen group of students pick the gadget they desire?

No, the distribution of the devices will be determined by the selection committee’s final ranking. Laptops will be awarded to the top 48 projects, and tablets will be given to the top 40.

Is enrollment in the YIB program restricted to college students?

No, the program is available to all students enrolled in or having completed an industrial training program at a Nigerian postsecondary institution that has received accreditation.

Even though I recently graduated, my student ID card is still valid. Am I still able to take part?

Unfortunately, only enrolled students are eligible for this. After the competition ends on December 22, 2023, three months later, all chosen applicants must still be enrolled in school.

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