Adhoc Staff Payment2023: Why adhoc trainee yet to receive their feeding and transport allowance

Adhoc Staff Payment: Why adhoc trainee yet to receive their feeding and transport allowance 2023

Adhoc Staff Payment
Adhoc Staff Payment

Adhoc Staff Payment: I’m an adhoc trainee, l worked hard and studied hard during the just conclused training. l borrowed money. slept in so many unconditional places to meet up every day training class from 8am to 6pm everyday.

Many days don’t eat from that 8 till 6,and 2 weeks after the training we are yet to receive our feeding and transport allowance.

So sad, not forgetting about data in I put to learn which was costing me money.

We have got this massage last week, since the time we saw it till now, we are trying to get the some information about the problem.

Adhoc Staff Payment
Adhoc Staff Payment

So! this is the problem Adhoc Staff are facing related to their feeding and Allowance. We are praying for those that are in this situation to have their money.

It is not a good thing for a person to work but not be able to get his allowance, feeding and transport allowance.

we staff will keep researching to find the reasons they are yet to get allowance.

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