Approval 2023: Factors That Will Stop a Person taking advantage of the census work even if He gets approval

Factors That Will Stop a Person taking advantage of the census work even if He gets approval 2023

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As you know, the census work is a project organized by the government to recruit men and women to carry it out.

The first thing is that when you register, without entering your correct email address and usable phone number.

And the second thing is that you have been approved for a position that is not an Enumerator or a Supervisor.

Because of this month, there will be a mass training for both sides, if a person doesn’t attend the training that will disqualify him.

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The third thing is that when you come to register for census work, and you have not registered completely, there is one or an important information that you should enter. but you didn’t.

And Even if you get approval by paying some amount of money, but the information you filled was not full or correct, this also stop you from taking advantage of NPC work. wish you all the best, and please share this information with others to be noticed.

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