Things To Notice before going to NPC training 2023 Enumerators And Supervisors

Things To Notice before going to NPC training 2023 Enumerators And Supervisors

NPC Training 2023 – The first day you are allowed to receive training, a person must come with one of the document he filled when he was Applying for NPC Recruitment with them in the first week of training.

A person is sure that before the day of receiving training, he knows the place where the training will be held in the state or local government.

It is mandatory for the participants to take the training to go with an Android smartphone and a Power Bank.

Pregnant and lactating women will not be allowed to participate in the labor force.

NPC training 2023
NPC training 2023

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While attending the training, pay attention to what is being taught.

Training allowances will be paid to the bank account you have submitted when your job application and temporary work are approved.

Anyone who fails to attend the training will be removed from the list of those who will benefit from the program because attending the training is very important.

And you need to know this about the national population commision (People who refuse to receive training will not be paid at all).

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