2023 Complete New Structure of NPC Training Timetable That will Guide you

2023 Complete New Structure of NPC Training Timetable That will Guide you

According to NPC, the training for Enumerators and Supervisors Ad-hoc Staff Training will now begin on March 31, 2023.

Don’t forget that the National Electoral Commission (INEC) had moved the governorship election from March 11 to March 18, 2023, that is why in this article we want to share with you NPC Training Timetable That will guide you

NPC Training Timetable Start on MARCH 31 to APRIL 6 – Initial Training for Supervisors and Enumerators (on House Numbering and House Listing).

While Ramadan break will start from APRIL 7 to APRIL 25.

APRIL 26 to APRIL 30 – The second round of training for supervisors and enumerators in the person-counting process.

MAY 1 – This is the Census Eve (Night).

MAY 2 to MAY 7 – This is the Census Proper.

MAY 8 to MAY 12 – The day of Mop-Up Counting (in case of extra-large Enumeration Areas).

We must remind you that Before the scheduled date for training, all accepted applicants will get an invitation with information on their training.

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