NPC Enumerators Training Allowances and date allowance will be paid 2023

NPC Enumerators Training Allowances and date allowance will be paid 2023

NPC Enumerators Training Allowances: Candidates and potential ad-hoc staff employees of the National Population Commission (NPC) have been anxiously awaiting word on the specifics of their salary packages

As the 2023 Population and Housing Census Exercise approaches. Although the hiring process has been going on for a while, little is known about the actual salaries of NPC Enumerators Workers.

The specifics of their remuneration packages have piqued the interest of many applicants, but everyone has one main question on their minds: “What is the NPC Enumerators Employee Salary like?” That is, up until now

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Enumerators Feeding allowance is N14k
Enumerators Transport allowance is N20k
Enumerators Training Allowance N70k

If you want to know from which date NPC EnumeratorsTraining Allowance will be paid It’s Ruring Ramadan Break 7th to 25th of April, expect you allowance around these days.

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