How to Apply for the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP) Perfectly 2023/2024 According To Minister New Update October

How to Apply for the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP) Perfectly 2023/2024

Many people want to know about the, Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP)’. you should know this used to be called N-Power before Renewed. Our guide talks about the new name of this program, how old workers will get paid, and why things changed. Additionally, learn how to sign up later. If you’re looking for employment news in Nigeria like the renewed Hope job creation program, you should read this. Remain tuned always!

We would like to know if you want to apply for the Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP). We’re here to guide you through the entire process to apply for free in this article How To Apply Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP).

What is RHJCP?

What is RHJCP? The Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme (RHJCP) is a social intervention program run by the Nigerian government to reduce youth unemployment and poverty. President Bola Ahmed Tinubu introduced it in October 2023 as the N-Power program’s replacement.

The RHJCP is a five-year initiative that seeks to provide 5 million employment for Nigerian youth between the ages of 18 and 35. It will offer training and stipends to the beneficiaries for a year. Beneficiaries will transition into permanent jobs or receive assistance in starting their businesses after the training term.

The Important thing is the RHJCP has two streams: Graduate and Non-Graduate. First Stream, Nigerian youth with a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent are eligible for the Graduate stream, while those with a secondary school diploma or its equivalent are eligible for the Non-Graduate stream.

The Renewed Hope Job Creation Programme RHJCP offers training in a variety of skills, including:

  • ICT
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Agriculture
  • Creative arts
  • Construction

Good news to Beneficiaries of the RHJCP will receive a stipend of ₦30,000 each month in the period of this program (approximately $75). They will also receive other perks, such as health insurance.

The RHJCP is a positive development for young people in Nigeria. With more than 60% of the population under 35, the nation has a sizable young population. Youth unemployment, however, is a significant issue in Nigeria. The RHJCP can employ young people in Nigeria and give them the tools they need to advance their nation.

Although the RHJCP is still in its infancy as a program, it has the potential to have a profound effect on the lives of Nigerian kids. It is crucial to keep an eye on the program’s execution and make sure it is transparent and responsible.

Updates on Payments

Starting from November According to Akindele, old N-Power workers will get their money for 9 months. Akindele Egbuwalo, who is in charge of the Hope Job Creation Program, made this statement. He told N-Power staff in Abuja that they will start receiving their money gradually.

Why Was the Name Changed?

Jamaluddeen Kabir, who represents the National Social Investment Programme Agency (NSIPA), told everyone about the name change. For a little period, the N-Power had to halt. This was done so they could examine their finances and financial documents. They received some money back as a result of this check.

The old N-Power employees will be paid in part with this money. They will begin to receive their money gradually around November 2023. Additionally, it is intended to expand the RHJCP. Within the next five years, they intend to assist 5 million people in finding employment. They will provide aid to one million young people each year.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the president, desires this. This will be overseen by the Minister, Dr. Betta Edu.

How to Apply

You cannot apply right now since the website is not functional. However, we will provide you with the website link once it is ready. Keep checking for news. Akindele Egbuwalo said he will tell everyone when you can apply. This is good news for old N-Power workers.

They will get their money. The new RHJCP shows that the government wants to give jobs to young people in Nigeria. So, keep an eye out for information regarding when to apply. This is a good chance for a new job.

Remember: always look for updates and be ready to use this big chance for a new job

Renewed Hope Job Creation Program Agenda Tinubu According To Minister New Update Today 21st October

Renewed hope agenda providing youngsters with possibilities for success – Minister

Renewed Hope Job Creation Program: The Renewed Hope Agenda of President Bola Tinubu, according to Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Dr. Betta Edu, provides young Nigerians with productive possibilities and cutting-edge inventive ideas through various start-up projects.

In her opening remarks at a gathering intended to explore troubling migratory concerns facing young people in Africa and around the world, Edu, who was in Hague, the capital of the Netherlands, with the European Union and representatives of 48 other nations, made this point.

The minister was in charge of the Nigerian delegation to the meeting of the Rabat Process on migration, youth, and development, which was co-hosted by Nigeria and the Netherlands and was held in Amsterdam.

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Since youths between the ages of 15 and 25 make up 16% of the world’s population and constitute a growing migratory cohort, Edu highlighted that it was crucial to investigate the relationship between migration, youth, and development. This group has a great opportunity to assist good growth in a big way.

“Like in other regions of Africa, young people in Nigeria have established a strong startup ecosystem, luring over $2 billion in investment between 2015 and 2022,” she stated.

“Over $800 million in investment was attracted to 107 start-ups in Nigeria founded by individuals between the ages of 25 and 35 in 2022 alone.”

The youth are not only leading innovation through tech start-ups, the minister expressed satisfaction, but they are also making great progress in the creative sector, education, medicine, science, leadership, and sports.

Renewed Hope Job Creation Program
Renewed Hope Job Creation Program

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