3MTT MGT Talk About Fellows’ Low-Interest Device Financing

3MTT MGT Talk About Fellows’ Low-Interest Device Financing

3MTT MGT: That has been said by the Honorable Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani. To discuss a possible relationship with our 3MTT program, they had a great discussion with the team from the Alternative Bank Nigeria (AItBankNg), a Sterling Bank Nigeria affiliate, which is run by their CMO, Jerry Sawyer.

The Minister claims that they talked about the potential for low-interest device financing for our compatriots as well as investing in individuals who eventually choose to launch their own companies.

He said, “We also looked into working together to help us with internships and job placements for 3MTT fellows.

I think the Alternative Bank is a pretty unique concept, and I like how transparent and creative they are. With anticipation for a fruitful collaboration, HM Dr. Bosun Tijani concluded.

A few days ago, the 30,000 fellows who were chosen for the 3MTT program’s first phase began their educational journey on the 3MTT portal.

In order to help other applicants become familiar with subjects relevant to their role, community resources were also made available on the 3mtt portal.

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