NPower Backlog News Today 8  May Update | Gradual Settlement of Backlog Payments | The NPower Position Announcement

NPower Backlog News Today 7  May Update | Gradual Settlement of Backlog Payments | The NPower Position Announcement

NPower Backlog News Today – Recent information from the Federal Government (FG) on the backlog of payments due to N-Power beneficiaries is substantial. A social investment effort aimed at empowering Nigerian adolescents via skill development and employment opportunities, the N-Power program is run and coordinated by the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS).

However, some N-Power batch C beneficiaries had voiced worries over unpaid backlogs, claiming delays in receiving their N30,000 monthly stipends. NASIMS issued a statement in response to these complaints assuring beneficiaries that their backlog payments are being processed progressively.

Gradual Settlement of Backlog Payments

The N-Power beneficiaries’ concerns were acknowledged by NASIMS, the central management platform in charge of running social investment programs, and an update on the backlog payment issue was given. NASIMS acknowledged that payments were being made gradually to authenticated accounts in a message published on Friday, April 14.

Beneficiaries were given the reassurance that measures were being taken to guarantee a smooth transaction procedure. Many beneficiaries who have been anxiously expecting their past-due stipends find relief in this news.

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NASIMS: Facilitating Social Investment Programs

The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development implements a number of Social Investment Programs (SIPs), and the National Social Investment Management System (NASIMS) is crucial in coordinating these SIPs.

These initiatives seek to reduce poverty, give voice to marginalized people, and improve human capital growth throughout Nigeria. The N-Power program, a crucial element of the SIPs, offers job opportunities and skill development to unemployed Nigerian adolescents, ultimately preparing them for independence and effective participation in the workforce.

Beneficiaries’ Plight and Complaints

Many N-Power batch C recipients had expressed frustration and worries over the holdup in receiving their monthly stipends, citing unpaid backlogs. These stipends, which are worth N30,000 per month, are crucial in helping beneficiaries support their livelihoods and concentrate on their training and skill-acquisition programs.

Some beneficiaries experienced financial troubles as a result of the protracted payment delay, making it difficult for them to support themselves and take care of their basic requirements. The complaints from the recipients had made everyone realize how urgent it was to deal with the payment backlog.

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Government’s Commitment to Resolving the Issue

Through NASIMS, the Federal Government has shown that it is committed to fixing the backlog payment issue that N-Power beneficiaries are now experiencing.

Recognizing the issues and afterwards providing an update on the payment procedure show a proactive effort to resolving the complaints.

The government seeks to lessen recipients’ financial stress and promote the seamless execution of the N-Power program by ensuring them that their backlog payments are progressively being made. (((NPower Backlog News Today))).


The Federal Government’s statement on the backlog payment of N-Power beneficiaries gives anxious people who have been anticipating their stipends hope and relief.

The government’s dedication to finding a solution and ensuring a smooth transaction procedure is highlighted by NASIMS’ confirmation that approved accounts are getting payments gradually.

By giving Nigerian youths chances for skill development and putting them in a position to find productive employment, the N-Power program continues to play a significant part in their empowerment. This beneficial program will have a greater impact if the backlog payment problem is promptly resolved, which will help the nation’s socioeconomic development as a whole. (((NPower Backlog News Today))).

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