Census Training 2023 NPC Enumerator DOs and DON’Ts For the census

Census Training 2023 NPC Enumerator DOs and DON’Ts For the

Census Training 2023 – It is expected of you as an enumerator to have the teamwork skills required for a successful enumeration. Although you and your coworker make up an enumeration team, you may occasionally be obliged to work alone. You will each be given a PDA for the enumeration, and your duties and responsibilities are equal.

You will work under the direction and supervision of the Field Supervisor, whom you must notify of any challenges or issues that may develop on the job site. The Field Supervisor will get in touch with the Field Coordinator if they are unable to fix the problem.

You will be familiar with your supervisor and your fellow enumerator before the training is over. You must: perform an enumeration

Attend all training courses on time and in full, attentively read and comprehend the manual of instructions, and constantly review the manual and consult it for advice. Consult your field supervisor for guidance and help if any aspect of the instructions is unclear.

Obtain the supplies listed in Table 1 from your field supervisor, and notify them right away if you run out of supplies or experience problems with your digital assistant.

When your training is complete, verify your EA’s limits and the digital map before you depart the training facility.

After discovering the enumeration area, make sure your map and assignment’s attributes match. (census training 2023)

Census Training 2023
Census Training 2023

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Go to every fully and partially occupied structure in the EA, give it a number, and make a list of every household.

Stick or display the provided census posters in prominent locations throughout the EA.

Establish positive connections with the heads of households and their occupants.

When doing an enumeration, you should refrain from talking about politics, religion, and security issues. For an enumeration to be effective, teamwork is essential.

Show respect for the local culture and customs while working there;

Ensure accurate and thorough entry of the information provided in the PDA.

Finish all other census-related paperwork that has been given to you.

Make sure questionnaires are correctly filled out by instructions before they are streamed to the central server and before the equipment is finally turned in to the field supervisor.

Ensure your security as well as the safety of all the census-related materials in your possession. You must always have your ID card with you.

Notify your field supervisor right away if you come across any security problems or suspicious activity;

Be sure you don’t give your census materials to anyone who isn’t authorized.

Whenever your Field Supervisor requests it, assist in all facets of the census process.

Leave a callback card for anyone who wasn’t home when you visited, and make sure to go back to the house;

You need to finish listing every household in your EA. In no event should you leave an interview unfinished in any home. If this cannot be avoided despite many callbacks, notify your supervisor as soon as you can before the enumeration is complete.

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