3MTT Learning Portal Launches With 12 Local Resources

3MTT Learning Portal Launches With 12 Local Resources

3MTT Learning Portal with 12 Community Resources is now live, ending the wait. To start their learning journey, the chosen fellows can now check their emails and the 3MTT dashboard.

The following are the updated learning resources included in the Community Resources section:

  • Soft skills
  • Data analyst
  • Generative Al
  • Cybersecurity
  • Project Manager
  • Sustainable Tech
  • Business analyst
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Software Developer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Administrative Professional

Digital literacy and productivity

If you’re a member of our 3MTT Learning Community, you can use these community resources.

Methods for Getting Into 3MTT Community Resources

1). Visit https://app.3mtt.training/login and Enter your password and email to log in.

2). Select the menu button with three lines if you are accessing the portal from a phone.

3). Select Dashboard; all of the courses are listed under Community Resources.

Whether you are a Selected Fellow or in the queue, the learning community offers you self-paced materials to help you in your learning process. You will have learning partners in the learning community through connections with other students in your state and local government who are seeking related skills, as well as the support of a dedicated community manager to advise you along the way.

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According to the information available on the 3MTT homepage

Training 30000 3MTT Fellows will begin training on December 4, 2023, which was yesterday.

The 30,000 fellows who were shortlisted for the first phase of the 3MTT program will start training on December 4, 2023, according to the information available on the 3MTT homepage.

According to the material, you can use the self-paced tools offered by the learning community to further your education.

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