NPC Update 12-12-2023: Nothing prevents a census from being held — House of Representatives Committee

NPC Update 12-12-2023: Nothing prevents a census from being held — House of Representatives Committee

NPC Update: The House of Representatives Committee on Population has expressed the National Population Commission’s readiness to conduct the census and stated that nothing will prevent the national housing and population count from taking place.

The committee’s chairman, Okunjimi John Odimayo, pleaded for the procedure to be finished and expressed the committee’s unwavering belief that the NPC is ready for the census during his remarks during the House Committee on Population’s budget defense on Monday.

“The Commission was here Monday morning 11-Dec-2023 to present their 2024 budget and 2023 budget performance,” he declared. We had a two-day retreat before this, and from that, I can tell that the Commission is more than ready to carry out the census.

They also listed some of the larger items that were bought, and it is evident to us that the Commission spent up to 80% of the money on the census. We are confident that they are prepared for the census based on what they have shown.

As legislators, we are pleading for the completion of this process because we are satisfied with what we have observed and because we firmly believe that Nigeria should have a foundation of data for the first time that can be applied to all facets of the country’s economy.

The census offers valuable information that supports national planning. We can address some of our current problems if we have accurate information about the nation.

Additionally, Odimayo denied rumors that the Commission misused cash given to them in 2023, stating that the funds were used for preparation-related expenses and were not wasted.

He said, “Based on their arguments and presentations, this money was not wasted, and they are ready for a census on their own.”

The Committee also approved the National Population Commission’s 2024 budget at the event’s conclusion.

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