Census News Today 10-Dec-2023:  Reasons we should hold census soon — NPC

Census News Today 10-Dec-2023:  Reasons we should hold census soon — NPC

Census News Today 10-Dec-2023: The National Population Commission, or NPC, has underlined the necessity for Nigeria to do its census as soon as possible after the country has gone 17 years without holding a national population and housing count.

Speaking at a retreat for the House Committee on Population’s Chairman and Members, Nasir Isa-Kwarra, the Chairman of the NPC, stated that Nigeria’s lack of data places the country at a significant disadvantage and impedes its ability to develop sustainably.

In the presence of Malam Muhammad Dattijo Usman, the Federal Commissioner overseeing Niger State, Isa-Kwarra declared: “A country’s endeavors to attain sustainable development heavily depend on its population.” The process of development has humans as its agents and beneficiaries. Planning needs to take into account the size, distribution, and socioeconomic makeup of the nation’s population.

As a result, conducting censuses is a crucial aspect of governance. The following justifies the requirements for the upcoming housing and population census: With a 3.2% growth rate and an estimated 216 million people, Nigeria has one of the fastest-increasing populations in the world.

The United Nations recommends conducting censuses regularly, preferably every ten years, to capture the fundamental dynamics of this population.

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The lack of a population census in the nation during the previous 17 years has resulted in a data gap since the information from the 2006 census is no longer as valuable for planning.

“The upcoming Census is being prepared for at a higher level now that all Local Government Areas (LGAs) have been divided into enumeration areas. The demarcation effort started in 2015, and as the nation’s settlement patterns and environmental conditions are changing quickly, any further delay in holding the next census may reduce the quality of the results.

It is imperative to guarantee that the execution of initiatives aimed at mitigating poverty is guided by up-to-date data obtained from the next Census. This will guarantee that we “Leave No One Behind” and enhance the execution of various programs that target vulnerable groups.

“The ongoing reliance on projections and the 2006 Census for estimating Nigeria’s population has resulted in a data gap that is harmful to the nation’s status in the global population. Nigeria presently ranks seventh in the world’s population, and with its current rate of growth, it will come in third place by 2050, behind China and India.

It is ineffective to base decisions on a census estimate that was taken sixteen years ago for a nation that is home to a sizable share of the global population.

“The Commission believes that holding the next census is one major investment the country must make to launch Nigeria into the path of economic prosperity through proper planning and optimal resource allocation, even though the Commission is mindful of the current economic recession, which has reduced revenue at the government’s disposal against the backdrop of competing demands.

The head of the NPC was hopeful that the nation’s security issues would have been resolved before the next census was conducted.

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