NPC Training Update Today | Projected training dates 2023 and fixed census dates

NPC Training Update Today | Projected training dates 2023 and fixed census dates

Notwithstanding a postponement in the training for supervisors and enumerators from local governments (LG), the main census activity is still set to start on May 3 and end on May 7, 2023.

NPC Training Update Today – The 2023 Population and Housing Census (PHC) would make an effort to count the number of people living in each family, village, community, hamlet, LGA, and state nationwide as well as identify the kind of every building in the nation in order to aid in national development.

As a patriotic Nigerian, I am sure that the census results will be put to good use by the country’s political leaders to enhance the lives of the less fortunate and boost Nigeria’s standing in the eyes of the world.

Every enumerator must take the census assignment very seriously in order to guarantee that the results are accurate and approved.

On April 21, Muslims can observe sallah. Hence, the 24th of April can be a holiday. The anticipated replacement training date for enumerators and supervisors may be April 25, 2023, if the census must be conducted on May 3.

Disclaimer: There is no official announcement supporting the estimated training date of April 25, 2023; it is merely a projection.

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