NPC Details 2023 Simple Method to Edit Your Application | This is what to do if your status is still pending

Simple Method to Edit Your NPC Details 2023 | This is what to do if your status is still pending

NPC Details 2023 :- To those with Npc Pending Problems, Individuals with Pending Issues should practice patience and make sure they participate in the next Supervisor and Enumerator Training Exercise at the State’s LGA as “Gate-crashers,” since many will still be selected after the Training.

The location and date of the course will be communicated to participants via text messages. The names of those who have been chosen for the training will be pasted in the classes at various LGAs.

Regarding The NPC Pending Status

Here’s what you should know about pending status and what you should do to get approval Easily, everyone who knows his portal is still pending.

Here is the good notification for him to rectify his details, in other to get approval because there is deadline for editing NPC application profile.

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Here is what you should do to edit

1- first thing to do is click this link, ( )

2- after the link is open put your NIN Number or your NPC code.

3- Then you have to entee resume application

These are the 3 steps you have to follow if you want to edit your npc application, like, Email Address, LGA and Others Details.

If you do this, you will go straight to your repairement. then you can fix your things easily. and don’t forget there is Deadline for this editing.

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