NPC Training Update Today 11th April 2023: Enumerators And Supervisor Must Download This Application

NPC Training Update Today 11th April 2023: Enumerators And Supervisors Must Download This Application

All census employees can now download mobile software for Android called Census Pad (Nigeria). For all of the future census-related tasks, this app will be crucial.

It’s crucial to remember that users won’t be able to activate their profiles until the relevant department has given its approval.

Only once the population census has begun will this be feasible. Also, it’s important to exercise caution when installing the app from the Play Store because there can be other apps that seem identical. The only app approved for the census is The Census Pad (Nigeria).

Nigeria’s NPC (National Population Commission) is in charge of conducting the population census, and they have recently made an Android app called Census Pad (Nigeria) available to help with the task.

By enabling enumerators and supervisors to collect and transmit data using their smartphones, this app is intended to streamline the census process. READ npc-news-useful-informatiom-related-to-enumerators-training-and-supervisors-2023

The Census Pad (Nigeria) app can be downloaded from the Play Store, but before users can activate their profiles and begin using the app, they must wait for NPC approval. This is to guarantee that the information gathered during the census is only accessible to those who are authorized.

Users should use caution when downloading similar-looking apps from the Playstore since the Census Pad (Nigeria) app is the only one that has been approved for use with the census.

Due to the lack of smartphones at the time, computers were used to perform the Nigerian census in 2005. But, with the introduction of smartphones, the NPC created this software to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the census process.

Overall, the Census Pad (Nigeria) app is a substantial advancement in the country’s census procedure, and its adoption is anticipated to increase data collection’s precision and timeliness.

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