Important Announcement: NPC Applicants on April 11, must visit census Office at local government for the last stage

Important Announcement: NPC Applicants on April 11, must visit census Office in local government for the last stage

NPC Applicants – We are notifying the public that you should check your names and classes at the census office in your local government on Tuesday, April 11, 2023. APPROVED visited the place where we spoke in this chapter about how vital coming is.

All 774 local governments have received the names of those who have been trusted to prepare them for the April 13, 2023, census from the National Census Commission.

In order to verify your name and the training session you will attend, go to the office of the Census Commission or your local government. Once your application status is granted and you fill out the Enumerator or Supervisor God form, you will make complaints through the local authority’s staff after receiving your Nin number and NPC. With any luck, on 12 your name will be listed, and on 13 you’ll arrive for training.

Similarly, persons who are unsure of their job search, as indicated by their “application status” of “pending,” might go to the local government or the census commission office, as some small governments still do not have the necessary number of employees. ((NPC Applicants))

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I wish everyone good luck and success.

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