zinoleesky net worth 2023, lifestyle and biography

zinoleesky net worth 2023, lifestyle and biography

zinoleesky net worth 2023

Zinoleesky Net Worth 2023: Do you ask questions like Zinoleesky net worth in naira or Are you interested in knowing the assets of Zinoleesky, Zinoleesky net worth 2022 forbes, and other related search queries regarding the estimated net worth of the popular and talented singer Zinoleesky. If the above keywords are exactly what you are looking for then, You have found the appropriate page.

This article will satisfy your search intents, by providing you with all the required details regarding the net worth of Zinoleesky in 2023/2024. But before we proceed to the real topic, We must bring a little introduction is essential. It is very advised to read a portion of the biography of Zinoleesky as you will find it awesome.

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what is Zinoleesky net worth? According to carmart.ng and arewafact.com.ng Zinoleesky net worth is beyond expectation, because it is estimated entirely at around $610,000 which is N305 million in naira Don’t forget that he is the only Young Artist that get to buy a luxury car at early years.

Zinoleesky Label Marlians Record

Naira Marley’s record label, Marlian Music Imprint, is currently supporting Nigerian singer and composer Zinoleesky. Naira Marley signed Zinoleesky and a few other Yoruba vocalists, such as Mohbad, Cblack, and Fabian. At the 2019 Marlians Fest, which was held on December 31 at the Eko Hotels & Suites in Lagos, he did so in front of a large audience.

This multi-talented artist is loved by and well-known for his various abilities by his audience because of his enthusiasm and dedication to providing them with excellent music and entertainment. The singer, who is now 25 years old, started singing in secondary school with some of his friends, including Ibradosky and Lil Frosh, who is currently under Davido’s DMW record label management.

The young musician believes his efforts have been rewarded as a result of his career’s upward trajectory after getting signed by the Marlian Music Label. His debut single, “Caro,” which was played on many radio stations and streaming sites, marked a new turning point in his career.Net Worth 2023–2024 of Zinoleesky

Since then, he has produced more than 10 singles, all of which have enjoyed extensive radio play. The upcoming artist has a big following and has topped the charts on many streaming services.

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Zinoleesky Education

Zinoleesky received his elementary education at Lively Kiddies Nursery and Elementary School in Agege before switching to Boy’s Secondary School in Agege, Lagos, for his secondary school. Zinoleesky regularly takes part in different music conflicts and freestyles in an effort to manage his sound.

This was among the things that the Marlian President noticed in him. He’s known Ibradosky and Lil Frosh for years, and some websites claim that they even went to the same schools.

Later, on the well-known song “Firi Yahoo,” which the latter had co-written with Small Doctor, Zinoleesky and Lil Frosh would provide a freestyle performance. He is currently a member of Naira Marley’s Marlian music label together with musicians Mohbad, C Blvk, and Fabian Blu.

The four performers were coerced onto the stage by the controversial singer and Marlian leader during the 2019 Marlian’s Fest held at Eko Hotels & Suites in Lagos, Nigeria, in December 2019.Zinoleesky 

Zinoleesky full Introduction

Zinoleesky is a Young Nigerian singer and also a song writer, according to research he is counted among the upcoming Nigerian celebrities in 2021.As of 2022 and 2023 Zinoleesky net worth is estimated at around $610,000 which is N305 million in naira don’t forget that he is the only Young Artist that get to buy a luxury car at early years

Zinoleesky is also one of the young teenagers who gain popularity and success early in their lives. He is well known throughout West Africa, not only in Nigeria. He has enormous fame.

Almost everyone believes there is no doubt that Zinoleesky has made a huge of achievement in his music career in Nigeria and Africa, he was signed by the popular or veteran singer “ Naira Marley”.

Since first week of June 2023, A lot of people are curious about Zinoleesky net worth 2023 Many people are curious about the young man’s earnings as a result of his extensive musical endeavors.

Well when it comes to money or Zinoleesky net worth 2023: Zinoleesky is never that rich and this is because he isn’t among the top 100 richest artist in Nigeria. Zinoleesky is only a young lad who has the opportunity to become famous in these formative years.

In this piece of Article we are going to share and determine Zinoleesky net worth 2023 by simply evaluating all that he makes from the music or videos he produced to the performances he has been doing.

As of 2023 Zinoleesky net worth is estimated at around $61,000 which is N31 million in naira don’t forget that he is the only Young Artist that get to buy a luxury car at early years

Also keep in mind that this net worth is more of a prediction since we only assess what we are certain that a person possesses before announcing net worth.

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What was Zinoleesky’s source of income?

has a range of income streams that have enabled him to increase his wealth to more than $601,000 as of the update in 2023. His professional endeavors (selling tickets to events, selling music, appearing on stage, working as a brand ambassador, and promoting himself on social media) account for the majority of his revenue. He currently has 1.3 million Instagram followers.

So let’s get to Zinoleesky net worth in 2023

Zinoleesky Biography and Net worth 2023

We want to you to remember before we start calculating Zinoleesky net worth lets first look at his biography and entertainment career so as to understand who he is from the scratch.

The veteran singer, Oniyide Azeez, also known as Zinoleesky, was born on November 21, 1995, and spent his early years in Lagos.

Zinoleesky has a profile on Wikipedia because there isn’t much information online about him. Zinoleesky is a signed artist with the label Marlians Record, owned by seasoned performer Naira Marley.

Zinoleesky was signed into the Label Marlians Record Alongside his friends, Mohbad and Cblack which they are currently in the music label Marlians Record.

Don’t forget the main reason why we write this content is to determine Zinoleesky net worth so let’s not waste much time here on Zinoleesky biography.

Zinoleesky Income from YouTube

What Zinoleesky earns from YouTube? To predict Zinoleesky net worth, it will be a big task and this is because the means of income is hidden unlike other celebrities in Nigerian. Currently he doesn’t have any active endorsement deal let alone to talk of the price.

The main way by which Zinoleesky makes his money Is from his YouTube channel, we all know that singers makes a lot of money from the YouTube channel that they has. When ever singer upload music and he has monetization on his channel, He must get revenue from each view.

YouTube payment varies depending on the number of video views that you have, According to a webpage on the internet, they pay $1 for every 1,000 video views.

Therefore, we must know how much money Zinoleesky has been making from the YouTube videos he has been publishing in order to calculate his net worth as of 2023.

Let’s investigate the Zinoleesky YouTube channel to see what we can discover. Our team’s analysis revealed that Zinoleesky’s YouTube channel has more than 50,000 followers or subscribers and over 100 million total video views.

The major question is: How much money does Zinoleesky make from his 100 million video views? don’t forget If we were to estimate his earnings from these 100 million video views, it would be almost $150,000, or about N75 million in Nigerian Naira.

Now that we are aware of how much Zinoleesky earns from the music videos he produces, let’s examine how much he has earned thus far from the performances and events he attends.

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Zinoleesky Income from shows

We have to know that all Nigerian celebrities make a lot of money from the shows they have been making even Zinoleesky; Because anytime Zinoleesky attends a show or event he gets paid for that with huge of money.

Therefore, we need to know how much he has been earning from all of his programs in order to calculate his total net worth. Our staff has done extensive investigation into the performances that Zinoleesky has seen, and we have come up with a reasonable conclusion.

Based on the research arewafact.com.ng conducted we found out that Zinoleesky has almost the total number of 15 shows in the years of his career.

So the most Trending big question we got here is how much Zinoleesky charge per show? Well according to the label Marlians Record that signed him, According to them, fees might range from $5,000 to $10,000 depending on the event’s specifics.

Therefore, if we were to estimate his earnings from the 68 shows he has been hosting, we would arrive at a figure of $175,000, which is equal to N155 million in naira.

It’s time to put a stop to this content by revealing Zinoleesky’s net worth 2023 now that we are aware of how much money he has earned from everything he does, from his YouTube revenues to the events he has been hosting.

Zinoleesky Net worth 2023

what is Zinoleesky net worth? According to carmart.ng and arewafact.com.ng Research Zinoleesky net worth 2023 is beyond expectation because it is estimated entirely at around $610,000 which is N305 million in naira Don’t forget that he is the only Young Artist that get to buy a luxury car at early years.

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