Hot Announcement: What you have to know before 2023 census | Related to bad Message by director

Hot Announcement: What you have to know before 2023 census | Related to bad Message by director

2023 Census – The National Population Commission has refuted claims that respondents’ religious affiliations and practices will be questioned during the 2023 Population and Housing Census.

The correction was made in response to a viral audio message that was going around on WhatsApp and said that the 2023 Population and Housing Census would ask respondents about their religious affiliations.

The questions were allegedly included to silence adherents of a certain religion in the nation, according to the viral post.

Isiaka Yahaya, the director of public affairs, highlighted in a statement that the commission had left such questions off the questionnaire in order to protect the census data from unwarranted controversy and attention.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Commission wishes to emphasize categorically that the 2023 Population and Housing Census will not formally ask respondents about their religion or their connection with a particular faith.

The decision to omit questions about religion and ethnicity from the census questionnaire, according to the commission, was made after careful consideration of the sensitive nature of these topics in Nigerian politics and the need to protect the census data from unwarranted controversy and attention.

The communication was bogus, he said, and came from Ghana.

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“A fact check on the reported letter’s origin reveals that it was initially sent via WhatsApp messaging in Ghana during the country’s 2021 population count.

As the Commission performed the trial census in July 2022, this disapproving statement made its way onto Nigeria’s social media platforms.

“The message’s re-distribution in audio form as the Commission prepares to conduct the 2023 Population and Housing Census in May 2023 is an indication that some elements are bent on dragging the 2023 Census into unnecessary controversies through the propagation of falsehood and inciting a section of the population to destabilize existing peaceful coexistence in the country,” Yahaya continued.

He continued by saying that the questionnaire is thorough and contains information on the respondent’s demographics.

Yahaya stated that the questions to be asked during the upcoming census were developed after thorough engagement with data consumers and stakeholders. The questionnaire’s main objective is to gather information that will aid in sustainable development.

“The questionnaire is comprehensive and includes questions about respondents’ demographics and other socioeconomic factors, but it is completely devoid of questions about religion and race.”

In order to deliver credible, reliable, and acceptable 2023 Population and Housing Census data for national development planning, members of the general public are urged to disregard the rumor of a question on religious affiliation contained in the audio tape in circulation and extend maximum cooperation to the enumerators.

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