My npc application status showing pending approval 2023 What should I do To Get Approval Easily

My NPC application status showing pending approval 2023 What should I do To Get Approval Easily

npc application status showing pending approval – has received numerous complaints from NPC applicants regarding the “status pending” issue, with many of them expressing concern that it may prevent them from being screened and hence prevent them from being chosen as ad hoc staff for the 2023 general census.

If you are one of the applicants who is still having this issue, please read this post through to the conclusion and follow the instructions provided to solve the problem.

If, however, after applying the directions we will provide you in this article, your status remains “pending,” kindly follow the advise that we will provide at the end of this post. Before deciding whether to use our advice, make sure you first follow the instructions we provide.

How To Fix The NPC “Status Pending” Problem in short time.

Before attempting to check the progress of their NPC application, applicants sometimes overlook the necessity of knowing their application code. When checking your application status on the NPC recruitment website, as a candidate, you must be aware of your NPC application code.

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My application code is in hand, but my status is pending. What should I do To Get Approval Easily

Even if your application is still pending, go to the NPC training in your LGA since you can be given preference over applicants who were authorized but did not go to the training.

If you are still interested in participating in the future census, if you are successful in attending the training, your status may change from pending to authorized. 

While her status was pending during training, it was subsequently accepted after she attended the course, according to an NPC candidate who asked to be a facilitator and had a similar issue.

This is our suggestion and the experience we got from facilitator candidate, while According to NPC Official if you are not approved don’t attend the training venue.

Here is another complications that we can’t resolve, but if I were you with pending status, I will attend training to see what ever will happen.

npc application status showing pending approval

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