Hot Announcement: Tinubu urged to conduct NPC Training And census this year And Implement Family Planning In 2023

Hot Announcement From NPC President: Tinubu urged to conduct NPC Training census this year And Implement Family Planning In 2023

NPC Training :- Prof. Rhoda Mundihas, national president of the Population Association of Nigeria, contacted President Bola Tinubu Wednesday to request that the population and housing census be conducted this year.

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She claimed that in order to resolve the population dilemma, Nigeria must precisely estimate its population and put policies in place to purposefully produce a manageable and productive population.

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Mundihas said that in order for Nigeria to reverse insecurity, banditry, unemployment, and the country’s declining economic fortunes, the country must implement the national population policy and invest in family planning. The 41st inaugural lecture was organized by the University of Abuja with assistance from the Research and Project Centre in the Federal Capital Territory.

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“Nations like Japan and Canada are experiencing population decline and seeking immigrants,” she said. Historically, Africa has never been scared of population growth, but despite this, productivity has been declining. Population should be a good thing.

So what is happening? The world population is expected to reach nine billion people by 2050, with Asia and Africa contributing the majority of that total. Nigeria’s population is projected to reach 400 million by the same 2050.

If we don’t manage our population well, there will be an increase in crime, banditry, kidnapping, and other forms of insecurity. This year’s census shouldn’t go over the projected number. A significant sum has been spent on planning, practice runs, and training of the ad hoc crew

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In order to ensure a productive population that would support national growth, she encouraged the President to allocate enough financing for family planning, implement the country’s population policy, and work with subnational governments.

Despite the fact that having more people is not a bad problem, Mundihas claimed that if they were to pursue less economic options, there would be a higher chance of banditry, crime, and backwardness, which would be fatal for the nation.

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“I am urging President Tinubu to put the country’s population policy into action and to support family planning.”

Nigeria must precisely estimate its population and take steps to purposefully develop a manageable and productive population in order to resolve the demographic dilemma. This would make it possible to plan the country’s future effectively and achieve its development goals, she continued.

In order to solve the issues brought on by Nigeria’s expanding population, Mundihas emphasized the importance of coordinated actions at the national and sub-national levels.

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Dr. Stanley Ukpai, director of projects at the Development Research and Projects Centre, argued that the opportunity now exists for the new administration to build upon the policy processes established through the Family Planning (FP) 2030 blueprint by emphasizing the importance of family planning funding for demographic dividend and sustainable development.

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