Flourish Africa Grant in Nigeria –  Grants for female entrepreneurs in Africa 3 Year N3 Million Naira Grant for Each Winner + Training

Flourish Africa Grant in Nigeria –  Grants for female entrepreneurs in Africa Year 3 N3 Million Naira Grant each for Each Winners + Training

Flourish Africa Grant in Nigeria – Grants for female entrepreneurs in Africa: Over five years, the Flourish Africa Grant for Female Entrepreneurs, a one-billion-naira fund, was established to provide finance, training, and mentorship to African women-owned enterprises.

Over five years, the program will provide cash and structured training to at least 2,500 female entrepreneurs, enabling them to further their entrepreneurial endeavors.

A minimum of 500 female entrepreneurs would receive life and business skills training through the program each year. Following this, the top 100 achievers from the pool would be qualified for grants of three million naira each from an annual fund of 200 million naira.

The goal of the Flourish Africa training program is to provide female entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to succeed in their businesses. In addition, it provides female entrepreneurs with a platform that facilitates the development of practical skills, mentoring, company financing, and market access.

The goal of the women’s empowerment movement Flourish Africa is to enable women everywhere to realize their greatest potential and develop into the persons that God intended them to be.

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Application Requirements

The grant application period runs from November 27, 2023, to December 31, 2023. To be eligible, you have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Candidates have to be between the ages of eighteen and fifty.
  • Candidates have to be female. Applicants must demonstrate that they own at least 51% of the company if they co-own it with a man.
  • Candidates must be willing to commit to four months of virtual training and have access to internet-enabled devices for training.
  • The firms of the applicants must be at the startup stage.
  • Your company must have its registered office in River State, Lagos, or Abuja.

Flourish application Process is simple you can apply free of charge from start to finish.

How to Apply

If you fit the requirements above, start the application process by clicking this LINK.

Click HERE for further information.

flourish africa grant 2023: Business woman Folorunso Alakija launched the non-governmental organization Flourish Africa, which has raised its seed grant to women-owned enterprises from N2 million to N3 million.

The awards are being awarded through the NGO’s Business and Life Skills Training Program, according to a statement it released.

A new group of one hundred women completed the training and was supposed to get the seed money following a selection procedure that included a pitch competition.

Alakija revealed the award increase during the seventh Annual Flourish Africa conference.

This program is in line with Flourish Africa’s objective to enable 2,500 or more women to become business owners in the next five years.

Speaking at the “She-Champions: Fostering Economic Growth and Participation in a Digital Economy” annual Flourish Africa conference in 2023, Alakija emphasized that the initiative serves as a platform for exchanging expertise.

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