2023 pending npc application when will it change to approved Full Details NPC Chairman ?

2023 pending npc application when will it change to approved Full Details ?

Pending NPC Application
Pending NPC Application

The new training period for enumerators and supervisors will run from March 15 through March 21 of 2023, covering all 774 LGAs in the Federation.

Pending NPC application: Sincerely, NPC will resolve all outstanding issues and return by approving all outstanding requests. Because many NPC candidates are deserve to be Approved while some are not.

Because at present some that has NPC application status Pending is started changing to Approved, We wish you to be among the next people that will get approval.

Therefore, only the NPC itself can help you, stop posting your sensitive NPC code for others to use. Also, beware of hackers because they can quickly take over our program and leave you explaining and describing the occurrence.

Pending NPC Application
Pending NPC Application

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This Approval is the matter of luck and the NPC chairman says they approve Applicants best on merit, if we you look at this statement that means you may get approval and might not.

You are under probability of getting approval but we wish you best of luck.

Source: Revised 2023 Census Work Plan recently released by the Commission.

Pending NPC Application
Pending NPC Application

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