Apply For FGN Alat Digital Skillnovation Programme 2023/2024

Apply For FGN Alat Digital Skillnovation Programme 2023/2024

FGN Alat Digital Skillnovation Programme: The federal government has opened the application portal for interested candidates to apply for the Program following the launch of the FGN ALAT Skillnovation Program.

The Digital Skills Innovation Program, FGN-ALAT.This comprehensive program was developed as a result of a strategic collaboration between Wema Bank and the Office of the Vice President of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Its goal is to provide our youth with a flexible range of skills and opportunities that are matched to their specific goals and the demands of the labor market.

Beyond just helping participants acquire new skills, the program is expected to have a positive socioeconomic knock-on effect across the country. In addition to supporting individual achievements, empowering our children also contributes to the larger national growth story, encourages job creation, fosters innovation, and opens the door for a more affluent future. We are consciously investing in Nigeria’s future with every participant we teach, advise, or incubate, making sure the country stays at the forefront of the global digital economy.

FGN Alat Digital Skillnovation Programme Method Of Application:

If you are interested kindly apply via

Possibilities Available:

Choose the profile that most accurately represents you.

  • Working Class Professional: Although I have a job now, I want to learn things that will help me in my profession.
  • Job seeker: Although I do not currently have a job, I would like to acquire skills that will open doors to employment.
  • Business Owner: I already have a business, and I want to pick up skills to expand it.
  • Aspiring Business Owner: I want to obtain the abilities necessary to launch my own business since I want to do so soon.

For more information about this Program, go to

You Need To Read 👇 Before applying

FG Launched Skillnovation Programme

Remember that a few months ago, we provided an update on the Federal Government’s and ALAT’s partnership Skillstration program? This was done to facilitate the information technology revolution, which would expand the scope of social and economic interactions and boost productivity growth in Nigeria.

The Federal Government and ALATT have launched the Skillnovation Programme to empower over 3 million MSMEs, as you can see from the previous update above.

Over three million Nigerians will receive the initiative, according to FG, with the vital digital skills needed to thrive in the global market.

On Friday, September 29, 2023, at the Presidential Villa’s Banquet Hall in Abuja, the Vice President, Sen. Kashim Shettima, spoke during the program’s launch. He called the Skillnovation a “transformative initiative” that “ushers in a new era of digital empowerment for” Nigerians.

To give people and businesses in Nigeria access to cutting-edge digital training, resources, and assistance, the Skillnovation Programme will create 15 modern ICT centers that are thoughtfully located throughout the country.

Delta, Kaduna, Ogun, Bauchi, Kwara, and Ekiti States would be included in the second phase of the initiative, with the first phase concentrating on the states of Katsina, Anambra, Borno, Lagos, Oyo, and Kano.

No group will have an unfair advantage in taking advantage of this chance. The Bank of Industry and other important stakeholders and partners are currently in talks about our planned single-digit loan schemes for our cherished MSMEs, and he said that our young, women, and people with disabilities have found friends and allies and will be favored in them.

VP Shetimma promised that no one will be excluded from the Skillnovation Program due to age, gender, or handicap. This is not just a promise, but a strong commitment to the people of Nigeria.

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