State Government approves recruitment of 1,000 health workers In Northern Nigeria

State Government approves recruitment of 1,000 health workers In Northern Nigeria

Health Workers In Northern Nigeria: To improve healthcare services, the Niger State Government has authorized the hiring of 1,000 health personnel right away.

Concurrently, the state administration has authorized the automated replacement of retiring health professionals.

The statement was made by Dr. Ibrahim Dangana, the Commissioner for Primary Health Care, at a press conference on Wednesday at the Minna government house.

Dr. Dangana emphasized that the government of Governor Umar Bago is dedicated to enabling the provision of cheap, high-quality healthcare services across the state.

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The Recruitiment

The commissioner noted the government’s commitment to resolving the crucial issue of the shortage of workers in the health sector.

The goal of the recruitment campaign is to improve family planning options, antenatal care services, and referral protocols in all of the state’s primary health care (PHC) facilities.

Dr. Dangana announced that a watchful monitoring team will soon be stationed at every PHC in the state. This group will endeavor to bring the industry’s anomalies into compliance with the expectations of the populace.

A modern Emergency Operation Center (EOP) would be built and furnished in Minna, the commissioner disclosed, demonstrating the government’s dedication to effective healthcare delivery.

This center will be essential to the management and coordination of essential services at PHCs throughout the state.

The Ministry of Primary Health Care is actively working with the Ministry of Works to prepare the technical and structural drawings for the proposed Emergency Operation Center.

The Planning Commission will receive these plans to allocate the required funds.

In addition, the state government has approved the renovation and repair of Primary Healthcare Centers that are inoperable, indicating a comprehensive approach to healthcare infrastructure.

The government has authorized the resuscitation of medical student scholarships and launched bond programs to counteract the brain drain syndrome among medical professionals. The purpose of this calculated action is to draw and keep qualified medical personnel.

Dr. Dangana said that he has a major Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, among other ongoing ties with important development partners. The government is prepared to fortify these alliances to enhance healthcare services as a whole.

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