FG Continues to provide funds to the beneficiaries of the Renewed Hope Conditional Cash Transfer program 2024 Here are some

The recipients of the Renewed Hope Conditional Cash Transfer program are still receiving financial support from the Federal Ministry of Relief and Poverty Alleviation.

The financial aid that was advanced today is being disbursed in accordance with President Tinubu’s plan to help over 133 million Nigerians escape poverty by the year 2030.

As directed by President Tinubu, Chief Secretary Abel Olumuyiwa Enitan kept control of the ministry.

The ministry would carry on providing its services to Nigerians, which will include, among other things, giving Npower beneficiaries personal financial support to cover their nine months of allowances.

Former President Buhari announced the Conditional Cash Financial Support Program, a nationwide initiative, to alleviate household problems. Recipients received 5,000 Naira over the course of six (6) months.

The present government’s Cash Conditional Transfer program approved CCT and called it the Renewed Hope Conditional Cash Transfer Program (RHCCT) since it is thought to be a program that helps lessen the suffering of poverty in our nation. moment Bye, bach.

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