On Tuesday 23, the Nigeria Customs Service e-auction will begin

Nigeria Customs Service Update: On Tuesday 23, the Nigeria Customs Service e-auction will begin

The Nigeria Customs Service announced on Friday that it will present its updated online auction platform on Tuesday. This was stated in a statement by the service’s National Public Relations Officer, Abdullahi Maiwada.

According to Maiwada, the action was taken to fulfill its promise to keep improving the service. The action, he continued, “showcasing the service’s dedication to efficiency and fairness,” and it complied with the principles in the recently passed NCS Act, 2023.

As part of its efforts to guarantee openness in the sale of seized assets, the NCS began using Internet platforms to conduct its auctions in 2017. Later, the firm paused the platform after receiving complaints from potential bidders who were unable to access it.

The new platform, according to Maiwada’s statement, is an improved version of the previous portal and is “designed to provide Nigerians with an equal opportunity to participate.”

“The platform has achieved remarkable outcomes since its relaunch, comprising 1137 bids, 1099 registered applicants, 652 successfully paid administration fees, 100 vehicles uploaded on the window, and 86 vehicles that bid and won,” he continued.

The NCS representative emphasized that winning bidders should use the link in the confirmation email to download their winning certificates right away.

The winners must next show the document proving their place of residence for the products, and the clearance process should be completed in seven days. It’s also important to remember that the auctions are held regularly, every Tuesday from noon to six o’clock, giving the public regular chances to choose and place bids on desired goods, the speaker added.

He advised interested parties to visit the NCS website for detailed information and procedures about the e-auction process.

“A spokeswoman stated, “We assure the public that initial issues will be swiftly resolved to ensure a seamless experience in all subsequent exercises.” “Our committed technical staff is aggressively fixing the matter, even if we accept the occasional glitches observed by participants, which may be related to heavy traffic.”

Maiwada stated that the organization is still dedicated to openness, reachability, and participation from the public via its updated e-auction platform, “promoting a reasonable and effective procedure for the elimination of confiscated and surplus items.”

There had been considerable controversy around the Customs e-auction platform in the past, with several stakeholders accusing the Customs of not carrying them along.

The agency was compelled to halt the site due to this development. It is evident from the relaunch whether the stakeholders’ concerns had been taken into consideration.

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