NPC Training update Today 8th April 2023 This is for Approved or Pending Enumerators | Supervisors | Field Coordinators

NPC Training update Today 8th April 2023 This is for Approved or Pending Enumerators | Supervisors | Field Coordinators | SWF

NPC Training Update Today – This Information Is Confirmed  NOT Just A Suggestion or speculation as many People share online. for applicants with pending status (Enumerator, Supervisor, or Field Coordinator) or who have been approved or pending as an SWF, Facilitator, Data Quality Assurance, etc. and who missed their training.

Follow these steps:

Check your name on the NPC-LGA list first. Second, go to the training location and class that have been assigned to you if they are on the list.

Finally, if it isn’t listed, kindly locate a training facility in that LGA that is local to you. Decide on a reliable method of identification.

Only individuals with the necessary training and credentials will be employed by NPC.

And remember, first come, first serve.

It is advised that you show up at the training venue because there might be authorized people there who don’t show up, some of whom don’t have Android phones, and others who aren’t allowed to take part, including SSCE holders.

In addition, a test will be given at the conclusion of the course to assess how well the participants performed. A person will be regarded as qualified and accepted if they perform successfully. Despite our best efforts to prepare for this scenario, substitutes might still be needed throughout the course.

All qualified candidates will be sent an invitation by SMS or email that includes their name, the location, the date, and the time of the event. This invitation has already been delivered.

Update on the NPC Enumerators Training:

The LGA has rescheduled the training for enumerators and supervisors on building numbering and household listing to take place from April 11 to 17.

Around 50% of those who are still pending may hear from the census training program. We urge individuals who are still awaiting to carefully read their communications.

If you receive a test message, do not reply that you are employed or that you have not been given permission to attend the course. Please be aware that substitutes can be required on the first day, so it’s crucial to attend even if your application hasn’t been accepted yet. It’s important to note that some individuals who weren’t initially accepted ended up getting it after finishing the program in the past.

National Population Commission gives an update on the 2023 census

A revision to the census for 2023 has been announced by the National Population Commission. The Commission has stated that building numbering and household listing will start on April 17, and the actual census will take place in May. The five-day enumerator training will be conducted from April 25 through April 30, 2023.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, Alhaji Sa’eed Yusuf, the NPC’s Kwara state director, disclosed this information on Wednesday in Ilorin. According to Yusuf, the house listing and building numbering would be done nationwide, and the reason for the delay in enumerator training was logistical. To ensure the success of the activity, enumerators and supervisors will undergo training in their respective local government areas.

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NPC Management Sends Important Message to Enumerators and Supervisors

The National Population Commission (NPC) has sent invitations to qualified ad hoc staff for training in response to the most recent update on NPC training.

Enumerators and supervisors who have been authorized by the National Population Commission (NPC) have begun receiving invites to the Local Government Area (LGA) Level Training, which is set to start on April 11, 2023. This is done in order to get ready for the census exercise in 2023.

Details of the Ad Hoc Staff Training

From April 11 to April 17, 2023, the Ad Hoc Staff Training will take place in its initial stage. Participants are expected to show up at the training facility that their local government has designated for them.

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