NPC Training Update Today 22nd April | Census Mentally-challenged | Enumerators And Supervisors

NPC Training Update Today 22nd April | Census Mentally-challenged

NPC Training Update – Many people are asking me countless questions on which date is announced for the training of Enumerators, and some have sent us this article that they see in several WhatsApp Groups and it is said that it is the new date for training.

But we have checked, to get the quality of the news, but we did not find a good source that we believe, as some say that training will start on the 17th, but they only created it for some reasons, and it was not officially announced like this 👇

The training for supervisors and evaluators, which had been planned to take place on March 31, will instead take place from April 25 through 30 in 2023. click to read the complete Article – npc-enumerators-training-update-today-announcement-new-npc-census-training-date

Census: Mentally-challenged, homeless persons will be counted – NPC

The impending housing and population count in 2023 would include counting the mentally ill, the homeless, and every other living thing in Nigeria, according to the National Population Commission.

This was said on Wednesday in Akure during a one-day capacity-building workshop for the 2023 population and housing census publicity committee by Prince Diran Iyantan, the NPC Federal Commissioner representing Ondo State.

Iyantan clarified that the workshop’s goal was not to question the professionalism of the publicity committee members while assuring Nigerians that the 2023 census would be at least 98% successful.

However, it is to improve their ability to carry out their missions.

Due to the public’s psychology, he said, the committee was one of the most crucial bodies to guide the exercise.

He claimed that this was the case since many people were typically hesitant to enroll in government programs.

“Our governor, Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, deemed it wise to form the committee with seasoned professionals to have a seamless process in the state because of the importance of this exercise.” NPC Training Update npc-update-today-20th-april-enumerators-must-prepare-for-rejection-during-2023-census-for-these-reasons

The State Director of NPC, Mr. Oluyemi Falusi, noted that the digitalization of the census was in line with UN recommendations when speaking about the digital advancements in the 2023 census.

According to Falusi, the 2023 exercise would be Nigeria’s first digital census, and it will allow for quicker processes, decrease mistakes, track progress, assure efficiency, and ensure the rapid release of results, among other benefits.

He described how all of the exercise’s processes—including training, recruiting, deployment, conduct, analysis, and publication were digitalized.Falusi added that a strong monitoring and assessment system had been established, along with a 5-tier approach.

He stated that the state would have a call center and a situation room to monitor the exercise’s daily progress.

To ensure that reports were produced immediately, he added that data analysis would be carried out right away using the available digital technology tools. The conduct of the population census in the nation, according to Dr. Olufunbi Olowookere, head of the state’s census department, had been irregular.

The country’s existing population estimates, Olowookere continued, were based on speculation and estimates, which is why a population and housing census must be conducted in 2023.

She outlined how the census was required for governmental policy execution as well as economic and sociopolitical planning.

She said that the boundaries of Nigeria’s land mass had been established for the exercise and that professionals in the fields of health, agriculture, business, education, and other fields could use the exercise’s data.

Commenting on how to create media content for the exercise, the state’s head of public affairs, Ms. Santos Odunayo, noted that state journalists had received training to enhance quality media content.

“They have also been taught how to dispel false assumptions and incorrect criticisms of the activity while informing, educating, and improving acceptability.” She pointed out that the media played a crucial role in the exercise by providing the public with pertinent information.

She continued by saying that the media was crucial to the commission’s efforts to win over the people and make the process a complete success.

Mr. Olugbenga Omole, Chairman of the Information Committee of the Ondo State House of Assembly, Mr. Leke Adegbite, Chairman of the Ondo State NUJ, and Rev. Father Anselm Ologunwa, State Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), were all present at the workshop. (NAN). NPC Training Update npc-job-approval-pay-for-slots NPC Training Update

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