NPC update today 20th  April | Enumerators Must Prepare for Rejection During 2023 Census For These Reasons

NPC update today 20th  April | Enumerators Prepare for Rejection During 2023 Census For These Reasons

NPC Update Today – The National Population Commission has asked enumerators and supervisors to not avoid confrontation and rejection to carry out a credible population and housing census in 2023.

Chapters six and seven of the NPC 2023 Census Training Program, which our correspondent got on Tuesday, contain this information.

The conflict was anticipated to arise during the census, the NPC stated, adding that the NPC staff should be ready to handle any situation that may arise.

“Conflict is a normal feature of any good relationship and is typical in an assembly of people like that of census functionaries who typically come from varied backgrounds and disciplines,” the curriculum stated in part.

“The secret is to learn how to resolve disagreement healthily, not to dread or try to avoid it.

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You should prepare for potential disputes with any or all of your enumerators. The actual enumerators themselves may also clash. You need to be equipped to handle every situation that may arise.

“Identify the issue at hand, the stakeholders, and the problem’s origin. Give each speaker your full attention and consider each argument objectively. Even if there is a clear-cut solution or response, give yourself enough time to consider all your options because jumping to a conclusion too quickly can leave individuals feeling excluded from the decision-making process. Outside the conflict, look for further obstacles.

A supervisor “shall make every attempt to reach out to families or persons who refuse to assist with enumerators to acquire their permission,” the memo stated further.

It is possible to locate an entire community, a household head or senior household member who will not grant permission for a household member to participate in the census, or simply a single household member who will not agree to an interview. “Speak to the respondent from his perspective.”

Refusals may be the result of erroneous assumptions about the census or other issues. The supervisor should, if at all possible, send a separate interviewer to complete the questionnaire if there is a language or ethnic barrier between the respondent and the interviewer.

“Schedule the interview for tomorrow.” You should do the interview. The memo stated that if the assigned interviewer was unable to finish a challenging interview, the supervisor could be able to do so because of his expertise, skill, and maturity.

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