Call For Applications: Mama Cash Grant 2024

Call For Applications: Mama Cash Grant 2024

Mama Cash Grant 2024 backs aspirational, self-led feminist groups and projects that protect and enhance the rights of women, girls, and individuals who identify as transgender or intersex. For a maximum of ten years, the Resilience Fund offers fundamental, adaptable, long-term assistance.

This makes it possible for grantee partners to plan, organize, and execute their desired activities in the desired manner over an extended period of time, allowing them to develop, fortify, and maintain their feminist movements.

Mama Cash Grant wants to rebalance its grantmaking portfolio to include the following goals, which is why they have decided to impose a regional restriction on new Resilience awards for 2024.

guarantee that the majority of their money in 2024 goes into their core, flexible, long-term funding and uphold openness regarding their staffing reality, institutional priorities, and democratic grantmaking processes.

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Open to African, West Asian, East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Oceanian self-led feminist organizations and initiatives. This year, applications for new Resilience Fund grants from non-residents of the aforementioned regions will not be accepted.

For organizations and projects to qualify for the Resilience Fund, they need to:

work from the perspectives of feminism, women’s rights, girls’ rights, and transgender and/or intersex rights; Take a lead role from the women, girls, transgender, and/or intersex individuals they collaborate with;

have as their main goal, rather than merely the focus of a small portion of their programs, the advancement of the human rights of women, girls, transgender individuals, and/or intersex people;

Encourage fundamental and structural transformation; additionally Pay attention to topics that are controversial or under-addressed in relation to them.

Mama Cash Grant 2024

The Mama cash grant has an annual value of €5,000 to €50,000, with an average grant amount of €35,000.

March 17, 2024 is the deadline.

To apply, click HERE.

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