How NPC Approved Applicant can be withdrawn 2023 National Population Commission

How NPC Approved Applicant can be withdrawn 2023 National Population Commission

NPC Approved – The following Problems can withdraw Applicant after being approved without looking at suffering you find your self from registration to Approval stage.

1). Failure to add an email address and a phone number, or typing it incorrectly. because only email addresses or phone numbers may be used to invite you to the training.

2). Failure to upload results may result in the withdrawal of an applicant who has just paid to be approved but has not uploaded his results or completed his registration.

3). Obtain approval to act neither as a supervisor nor an enumerator. You must be one of the two individuals listed because the upcoming training is just for supervisors and enumerators.

4). incomplete registration information. Application must be fully registered.

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5). It is crucial to be aware that Abuja is the location of all applicant data, both approved and pending. The Approved is in the process, therefore those with pending should check frequently.

6). Those who paid money to get their applications approved may not benefit from the census in 2023. because you do not meet the requirements for approval, possibly as a result of an incomplete registration. If you are involved, you should review the specifications in your application.

Source: Ahmad El-rufai Idris (Kaduna state Coordinator Zumunta Youth Awarenesses Forum).

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