National Census 2023: Worries About The Effect Of Funds And Others On National Population Commission full details

FG Expresses Worries About The Effect Of Funds And Others On National Census 2023 full details (National Population Commission 2023).

National Census
National Census

National Census 2023: The budget minister of state spoke on Monday in Abuja at a gathering of business leaders and aid organizations to discuss potential obstacles to a successful national exercise.

Clem Agba, the minister of state for budget and planning, has raised concern about how money, security, and cultural differences may affect how the 2023 National Housing and Population Census is conducted.

The census is slated to take place from March 29 to April 2.

Agba spoke on Monday at a gathering in Abuja with representatives of the private sector and development partners to discuss potential obstacles to a successful nationwide exercise.

National Census
National Census

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The minister said that more than 60% of the money required for the census had already been released, adding that finance assistances from development partners was still essential.

During the National Housing and Population Census preparations, the National Population Commission (NPC), development partners, the diplomatic corps, and members of the corporate sector met for the second time.

When it came to finding funding for the exercise, one of the meeting’s goals, the NPC pledged to handle the money with transparency.

The Chairperson of the Commission allayed concerns that the exercise might not be successful in some areas, despite pockets of unrest when the NPC conducted the enumeration area demarcation in some local governments.

National Census
National Census

According to Channels Television, representatives of development organizations are lending a hand to help the success of the exercise since they recognize its importance to the growth of the country.

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