List Of Available Courses in the 3MTT Community Program APPLY Now

List Of Available Courses in the 3MTT Programme APPLY Now

3MTT Community Program: To give 3 million people in Nigeria access to technical training, the Federal Ministry of Communications, Innovation & Digital Economy created the 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) program.

In keeping with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s goal of creating 2 million digital employment by 2025, the program aims to develop a pool of technological specialists.

A total of thirty thousand applicants have been selected for the initial training session, with the second group scheduled to start in February.

The list of available courses is below.

**AI/ML – Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence:** Training programs concentrate on the craft of training computers to build systems that are capable of learning from mistakes and enhancing human intelligence.

**Data Science:** Training programs teach how to glean useful insights from massive amounts of data using statistical approaches and algorithms, enabling firms to make well-informed decisions.

**Software Development:** Through the understanding of user demands, coding, and continuous software engineering, training programs develop expertise in the construction and engineering of computer programs.

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**Animation:** Training programs impart the skills necessary to use a range of digital tools and techniques to bring characters and stories to life through motion.

**Cloud Computing:** Training programs show participants how to store, manage, and analyze data using remote servers connected to the internet, enabling more flexible and effective technological operations for businesses.

**Cyber Security:** Training programs cultivate proficiency in safeguarding computer systems and networks against intrusions, guaranteeing the security of critical information, and upholding user confidence.

**DevOps:** By encouraging cooperation between the development and operations teams, training programs establish competence in optimizing the software development process and provide software releases that are more dependable and faster.

**Game Development:** Training programs develop skills in character and environment design, gameplay mechanic programming, and other aspects of making captivating video games.

**Quality Assurance:** Training programs establish proficiency in guaranteeing the best software development standards through product testing and refinement to ensure faultless functionality and user needs.

**Data Analysis & Visualization:** Training programs develop proficiency in deciphering intricate data, generating significant insights, and visually communicating them in a style that is simple to comprehend for all.

**Product Management:** programs that provide training in managing a product’s development from conception to launch and expansion in the market, making sure it satisfies consumer demands and corporate objectives.

UI/UX: Training programs develop skills in the creation of user-friendly, captivating digital interfaces that offer a seamless user experience and make using technology simple and pleasurable.

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