Important Notice For Those Who Have Ever Completed The N-power Project

Important Notice For Those Who Have Ever Completed The N-power Project


Some N-power beneficiaries when they come to do the Validation, it shows them Something went wrong and some Server error, some people are accepting the bank account of their friends and putting it in the Validation if their bank account doesn’t pass, then that is a big mistake.

Be patient and keep on trying until the failure is over, or go and open another account but make sure that the BVN that you used N-power from the beginning, God willing, everyone will get it.

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God made everyone benefit from this program.

Where you can’t complete N-Power even if you never get payment Go and do validation.

If you do the same and you have not been given money for some months, go and do validation.

By doing this validation, they confirm you and your information and then give you money.

The account that you put in first, you will put it in again, don’t put another one.

Here is the link for those who are looking for it and want to do it themselves. If they can’t do it, they should visit near cafe and fill out the validation form.

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