federal government renewed hope palliative registration portal Tinubu sets the pace for implementing his agenda 2023

federal government renewed hope palliative registration portal Tinubu sets the pace for implementing agenda 2023

federal government renewed hope palliative registration portal: To create an agenda for the five-month-old central government, Ministers, Special Advisers, Permanent Secretaries, and other political assistants of President Bola Tinubu convened in Abuja last week for a three-day retreat. Elumoye Deji’s reports.

In addition to hosting four Federal Executive Council (FEC) meetings since taking office on May 29, 2023, President Bola Tinubu inaugurated his 48-member cabinet last Wednesday. He also opened a three-day retreat for ministers, special advisers, permanent secretaries, and other political aides at the State House Conference Center in Abuja.

The Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation organized the retreat, which had “Delivering on the Renewed Hope Agenda” as its theme.

the President, Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Special Advisers, aides, and other high-ranking government officials were present. Senator Kashim Shettima, the vice president, was the sole person missing from the meeting. She was in Iowa, USA, representing President Tinubu at an international conference.

In his opening remarks, the President set the tone for his administration’s first retreat by highlighting the necessity of using all available means to fulfill the expectations of the Nigerian people, who elected him on February 25, 2023.

Thus, he gave orders to his ministers, advisors, aides, and other government employees to assist him in achieving the objective.

President Tinubu informed everyone present at the retreat that the government has all the resources necessary to successfully rescue Nigeria from its current predicament. He also vowed to spare no expense in this endeavor.

He declared: “Let’s be proud that we are Nigerians and that we can accomplish this and that you can demonstrate leadership. It’s our country, we have no other one.” We can work to ensure that democracy serves as a model for the rest of Africa.

“Take initiative without fear, but avoid being hostile toward your manager. Discuss if they are incorrect. I have stated on multiple occasions—and I make this claim again now—that as President, I am prone to error. Please point it out to me, and I will address the issue or mistake. The only one who is perfect is God Almighty.

However, you are there to support my success. I have to succeed, by all means necessary. We possess all we need, including brilliant minds and intellect.

The President added that he had accepted to take on all the obligations and assets of his forebears and that he would not grumble about the massive responsibility of guiding the nation through social and economic recovery.

“As part of my professional background, I accept the assets and liabilities of my predecessor,” he stated. Don’t ruin this ship; you are aboard it. Consider the minister as a member of a team that will guide it through difficult situations and out of them.

“Healthcare comes first, and education is essential. Education is the most effective weapon against poverty. You have the chance to make changes.

“We are going through the reform, painfully, and we still have other challenges,” President Tinubu said to the ministers and other aides. Avoid becoming an obstacle to Nigeria’s progress. Now let’s look ahead. Let’s be adamant that corruption will end, advancement will be made, and our workers will receive living salaries.

“We’re going to change the economy so that millions of our people can work in it.” 50 million people need to be lifted out of poverty. All-inclusive healthcare must be developed. Examine your surroundings. Don’t act badly. Examine the quality of instruction, the classrooms, and the roadways. We will find the money, but we can only spend it on money; we cannot spend people.

“Borrowing is not illegal. We appreciate your lending support, World Bank, but let your success be entirely domestic. Nigeria is demonstrating its resolve here.

We’re here to turn out the light, include you, and include all Nigerians—if it hadn’t begun six months earlier. We have mapped out our future for our kids and grandkids. Be not self-centered about it. Poverty is an intolerable condition that needs to be eradicated; it is not anything to be ashamed of. Let’s focus on some more recognizable spots.

In addition, the President called for unity among Nigerians, stating that he is the president of all Nigerians, regardless of their political, ethnic, or religious affiliation.

He gave the retreat attendees an assignment to strive for a great Nigeria, telling them that a bigger Nigeria is achievable with their dedication, leadership, and resolve to provide the country with direction. President Tinubu emphasized that everyone must rebuild Nigeria and urged the Federal Executive Council members to work with him to restore the country’s foundation and instill hope in the near-hopeless.

It is our nation; we must rebuild its base and build it. The nearly hopeless must be given hope. With unwavering resolve, we have assembled the brightest minds and most capable hands to steer Nigeria’s future. We are unable to whine and make up reasons.

The President emphasized that no one succeeds alone and gave the senior government officials his support in carrying out their tasks, reinforcing the necessity for everyone to be committed and work together to accomplish the administration’s eight-point goal.

“A greater Nigeria will come under our commitment, guidance, and resolute determination to give the country a direction,” he said. “A great Nigeria is possible.” I agree with you, and you can be confident that despite our geographical separation and living in separate rooms, we are all members of the same family in this wonderful nation.

We are here to pledge loyalty to and provide guidance to that one family, ensuring that the relationship will only grow stronger if we give our people hope and can only realize our vision in concert with audacity, tenacity, and cooperation.

He tasked public servants with actively supporting the Renewed Hope Agenda while admonishing them not to view political appointees as opportunists.

He said, “I am here to guarantee you that I will work with you, the finest brain we can put together in our democratic parliament and has been chosen for us by the public, the greatest brains we can put together in the civil service.

“See the minister as a partner with whom you must navigate as you move this ship ahead, not as an exploiter. Handle it in both calm and stormy conditions. However, since you are on this spacecraft, you will use it well and not destroy it.

“Be focused and dedicated to the values and principles of results that will affect you, your neighbor, and the entire nation. You can see the chaos all around you. We are fortunate to have a nation.”

Among other things, President Tinubu said, everyone attending the three-day retreat will sign the Ministerial Performance Bond, which would be evaluated regularly.

The President also announced the creation of the Result Delivery Unit (RDU), which will be in charge of evaluating the performance of ministers and other senior government officials working under his administration. Hadiza Bala-Usman will serve as the unit’s special adviser on policy coordination.

He indicated that for the government to evaluate its performance using key indicators and make reference to the goals of the Renewed Hope Agenda, all ministers, aides, and other senior government officials working in the current administration will sign a memorandum of agreement with him.

The President gave the Ministers his word that he would give them a great deal of liberty, but only if they showed intellectual curiosity by challenging the rationale, procedures, and schedules behind the duties they were assigned.

“After this retreat, you will sign a memorandum of understanding with the ministers, permanent secretaries, and me. Feel free to perform if you are presenting; if not, you are free to depart. We will review if you fail to meet the goal. The responsibility is with my desk, and nobody is an island.

You have free use of your hand, I promise. Asking questions like how, why, when, and why it has to happen right away requires an intellectual curiosity. Serving the public is what you are supposed to do.

“I’ve appointed Hadiza Balla Usman, a highly energetic young woman, to lead that delivery section. Come see me if you have any issues with her. Stay there if you’re prepared to collaborate with her. “Yes, we have to accomplish delivery for the benefit of millions of our people,” he declared.

Additionally, President Tinubu clarified that the officials’ evaluations will encompass all eight of his administration’s key areas, which include ending poverty, promoting economic growth and development through job creation, and ensuring food security.

Inclusivity: Drawing on All Skills Bass—To prominently feature women and youth in national activities—is one of the other focus areas. Security: to protect the country from acts of terrorism and criminal activity in all its manifestations; Rule of law and fairness: upholding the rule of law, being unbiased, and governing by the constitution The anti-corruption stance aims to deter corruption while enhancing the efficacy and efficiency of several anti-corruption organizations.

In his previous context-setting speech, Senator George Akume, Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), stated that the retreat will give participants the chance to gain a deeper grasp of the best practices for managing government operations.

Additionally, Akume pointed out that the retreat will specifically keep participants up to date on procurement, budgeting, and the fight against corruption. It will also introduce CEOs to federal executive councils and the roles that permanent secretaries and ministers play in administering ministries.

“It will also cover crucial facilitators for strong administration of ties with government stakeholders concerning any assignments and anticipations of the President may emphasize and guide,” the SGF added.

Ministers and Permanent Secretaries were present, and resource persons had given several presentations by the time the retreat finished on Friday night.

President Tinubu, who attended the entire three-day retreat, spoke at its conclusion and urged his ministers, advisors, and other aides to set aside their agendas and concentrate on his government’s urgent goal of rescuing Nigeria from poverty.

He reminded the attendees that it was their duty to alter the perception of the nation and advised them to speak with one another if they had any issues with Nigeria.

The President emphasized that the leaders must work together to ensure that the nation heals from its “elephantiasis.”

According to President Tinubu, his appointees are not allowed to offer any justifications, and he will not be providing any to the people of Nigeria.

He took great satisfaction in having run for president in 2023 and won every case that went to court.

“There is no threat about the future; we have gathered here to sharpen it,” he said. The hopes and dreams of millions of Nigerians are entrusted to us; they are more than simply names.

“As a Nigerian, let’s go out there, let’s bond together, and make sure our country is fully recovered from elephantiasis, even though you might be ready to forget about the rest of the world.”Remind yourself that neither I nor you are here to offer justifications. I’m your brother and friend.

“You have to set aside your own goals and concentrate on the advancement of our country. This is something we can be genuinely proud of. I feel proud to be in front of you. I am so proud of every one of you. Additionally, I’m proud of who I am. With your help, I ran for office and won; I also prevailed in court.

As the three-day cabinet retreat draws to an end, the President also elicited the ministers’ and other government officials’ commitment to cooperating to accomplish the government’s objectives by posing the question, “Are we proud to be Nigerian?” Are we certain that we completed this task? Is the permanent secretary’s role well-defined? Is it evident that you work in tandem with the Minister? As a family, are we one? “Are we ready to change the narrative and bring about the economic prosperity of our country since we are one family and one nation in this vehicle together?”

The President said, “We have a responsibility to our country to ensure that we completely change the narrative about Nigeria,” to his ministers and senior advisers.

“If we are having issues, let’s talk to each other and have civil discussions about our nation. You could not have a house, so it’s not as simple as simply leaving me alone. I’m going home.

“You cannot effectively tackle any issue without access to quality healthcare and a decrease in poverty. Poverty is not a shame, as I have previously stated, but it is also unacceptable. Will we be able to rescue our people from it?

No matter where you are in life, there is always a hint of poverty if you look at your past. It is now up to you and me to steer this ship away from poverty.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us, but you’ve seen the caliber and character of ministers, so you can be confident now with the attendance and concentration.”

The retreat raised the approval bar for public procurement and encouraged open bidding for transparency, according to Senator George Akume, the secretary to the government of the federation, who earlier made an announcement outlining the main recommendations from the technical sessions.

It suggested creating a uniform checklist outlining the requirements for Ministers and Agency Head appointments, as well as better aligning the Ministries, Departments, and Agencies (MDAs) budget with the president’s vision, strategic objectives, and pertinent Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Other important suggestions include assessing the effectiveness of earlier federal government intervention programs and carrying out appropriate pre- and post-project evaluations to ascertain the programs’ usefulness.

Permit-promoted judges to finish pending cases in their new roles to enhance the legal system.

Resurrect the executive-legislature conference and tripartite meetings to deliberate on pre-budget matters beforehand, as well as to establish penalties and expedite the prosecution of those—including legislators—who fail to fulfill contracts that have been granted to them.

Regarding the priorities and strategies for the Renewed Hope agenda, the presidential retreat suggested changing the tariff framework to facilitate trade while maintaining support for domestic production, as well as restructuring the economy to produce long-term, equitable growth.

Other suggestions include making sure the annual budget is in line with strategic aims and using more equity financing for fiscal operations rather than debt financing.

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