Call For Application: NITDA Call For Participation At ICEGOV2024

Call For Application: NITDA Call For Participation At ICEGOV2024

An Invitation to Take Part in ICEGOV2024 In response to ICEGOV’s request for papers and in light of the need to enhance Nigeria’s status internationally in critical technology domains, we kindly invite interested scholars from broader academic circles to submit papers customized for Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) to the following conference tracks.

  • Track 1: Digital Governance with Trust and Ethics for the Future We Want
  • Track 4: Innovation and Digital Transformation in the Public Sector
  • Track 7: Developing an Infrastructure and Digital Workforce Fit for the Future
  • Track 10: Digital Economies: Public and Private Sector Governance; and
  • Track11: Highlight the Digital Transformation of the Global South.


The top three DPI-tailored papers will each have a primary author who will get sponsorship to attend the Special Workshop. Please notify NITDA by sending an acceptance notification from ICEGOV by July 12th, 2024, at the latest, if your paper is approved by ICEGOV.

Particular Days:

  • Deadline for Paper Submission: April 21, 2024.
  • Notification of ICEGOV Acceptance: July 10, 2024.
  • Announcement of Winners Date: July 15, 2024.

More information is available at

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